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    • martinusm

      I think that Nikita Solovyov makes a valid point by saying that ´aggressive´ call it western style activism might not be the most adequate means to change or influence a deeply conservative society. I also feel anger and disgust what is going on in Russia. My initial feeling is to take every action possible to express this anger. I have been to many orthodox-christian countries and it is the same everywhere, be it serbia, macedonia or georgia. I think everyone should ask him-herself the question what do want to achieve with my protest.. Do i want to show MY anger or do i really want bring about a lasting improvement of the situation of the LGBTS living there. These two things sometimes don´t go together. Especially if the actions or comments are really anti ´Russia as a whole´ The danger is that these actions in the end might turn against the gays living there, as the bigots are only reinforced by their believes that being gay is a western perversion. Maybe it is a good start to try and understand where these deep rooted homophobic ideas come from, and slowly try and build trust. I know it might not be a popular thing to say, but having seen the images of so many gay prides being met with so much aversion and aggression (Kiev, Belgrade, Split, St Petersburg, Skopje, Budva), our methods may just be not suitable for these countries. Last November I was in Albania (not the most liberal country on the planet) and met up with people from a gay rights organisation who explained that they are taking very slow and considerate actions to gradually change the opinion of the people. Not by taking aggressive steps, but to show that gays are human beings just like anyone else. No sexy actions, no flag burning, no wodka pouring, no swearing. Don´t get me wrong, these laws and the violence are horrible and it makes me sad. But don´t we have to understand a problem first in order to solve it? Just saying ´fuck putin´ doesnt really change anything.. Peace from Amsterdam

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