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    • martinm21

      Add to the list the old circle saw-Held in the right had the blade will toss stuff away from your body, held in the left hand the blade tosses it at your face. Eye protection is not an option. Long ago in Basic TrainingIfound that the old M-16 (andIguess most other guns like it) were also built for the right handed person. The hot shell is ejected from the right side of the gun; if held byaright handed person that tosses the hot brass away from the body. The left handed person holds the rife inaway the ejecting shell comes back toward the face. Depending on how the gun is adjusted it will even hit the shooter. The trainer asked me whyIwas flinching so much and then looked at me-I had blood on my cheek fromashell-after that it wasabit hard not to beabit jumpy. They were out of guns withashell deflector (too many left handers in our group). One more-The hot and cold faucets are designed for the right handed group and they getabit ticked off when you redesign it the other way. The right handed person standing at the sink will reach out and find the cold water, the left handed person get the hot. Switching them around at your house and not warning the right handed guests is lots of fun.

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