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    33 Helpful Things That May Make You Wonder "What Was Life Before This..."

    Pads that do magic✨, tops you can FR wear with no bra, and more. Must-haves, I declare. 🙌

    1. Herbal-infused pads (with mint, lavender, and aloe!) that'll prob surprise you with how soothing they are to wear. As in, yeah, they can help soothe pain and discomfort.

    my hand holding a pack pads from The Honey Pot Company

    2. An air fryer cheat sheet cooking times guide because oh yes, you will FINALLY perfect the art to reheated french fries that are actually EDIBLE? It truly is a new day. 🍟

    3. Nooni's Marshmallow Whip Maker that'll transform any cleanser you own into a gentler, marshmallow-like foam. Treat yo' face!

    the device

    4. Elizabeth Mott Thank Me Later Base to ensure your shadow and liner stay in place all day long. Mmhmm. Creasing? What's that? Smudging? We don't know her!

    5. Pumpkin cheesecake coffee syrup since it's officially socially acceptable to indulge in all the pumpkin things, right? RIGHT?! All you'll need is a few drops into your regular joe and boom — it'll be twice as nice. ☕️

    the pumpkin cheesecake syrup bottl

    6. A Buttah Skin Rejuvenation Set meant to cleanse, exfoliate, even out the skin tone, and provide lightweight hydration.

    7. A cordless, wooden phone speaker to put on your desk that'll amplify the sound from your phone with zero wires, batteries, or power sources! You can even personalize it to make it extra unique.

    The phone speaker with the name "NATHAN" on it, playing music from Spotify on an iPhone

    8. Boot-fix glue that'll renew those boots with soles that look like talking lips so you get extra wear. (Yeah, RIP to the boots you threw away before finding out about this.)

    9. A mug warmer to keep coffee at the perfect temperature while you hang around the house or the office. Because everyone knows, coffee will always be best sipped over time without having to hop up and microwave it every 30 minutes.

    A pink mug of coffee that says "Rise & thrive" sitting on top of a pink heated small plate

    10. Zella leggings to make a super-strong case for not wearing pants anymore, even when it's cold out. 👋🏿👖 Like really, what even are pants?! And why were they even invented when we have these?

    11. A chili sauce to upgrade your kitchen with a fresh family-owned condiment you'll reach for on repeat. Ready your taste buds for a burst of spicy, sweet, and savory garlic flavor. 😋🌶️

    jar of chili sauce

    12. A Ninja grill air fryer for anyone who'll always want those grilled lines and most importantly, that smoky, grilled taste from summer barbecues — even when fall weather gets too chilly to be outside standing over an actual grill.

    13. A BedJet 3 Climate Comfort that'll basically turn your bedroom into an extra cozy place — without you freezing OR overheating at night. This baby'll cool, warm, OR dry your sweat right in your bed — and will do so for any bed or mattress size.

    The BedJet 3 Climate Comfort under a bed

    14. A Radiate portable campfire (yes, from Shark Tank!) for when you need a quick warmup while at the beach, in your yard, or out camping. And all it'll take is a single match!

    15. A handmade plastic bag organizer to keep your bags separated and easy to grab when you need 'em.

    Sandwich bag organizer placed on counter

    16. A ribbed halter top with a built in bra that'll actually feel secure! Like, do I need to write anymore or is it already in your cart because... Not needing to put on a bra is kinda all that needs to be known.

    17. Organic linen spray so you can snuggle into sheets that smell like freshly washed linens if you haven't had time to do actual laundry this week between classes. 😬 A few spritzes will buy your nose a lil' extra time. 😏

    the bottle of spray

    18. A candle warmer so you get the cozy vibe of candles without actually lighting a flame.

    19. And! Eucalyptus wax melts to set on top of your warmer to put a scent in the air that'll give your place a spa-like feel.

    size wax melts in a eucalyptus mint scent

    20. Thigh-high boots with 3.5-inch heels, which means — yasss — you get the thigh-high lewwwwk without the high-heel pain. And?! Several reviewers noted how these won't slide down your legs halfway through the day. Stan, we must.

    21. A gel-enhanced seat cushion to give your tush the TLC it deserves when you spend hours studying. It's specifically designed to support your tailbone to minimize the sharp pain that often comes with all that on your bum.

    gel and memory foam cushion placed on an office chair

    22. A set of blackout curtains because sure, you fell in love with your place because of all that fabulous natural light but all that waking up with the birds every morning is, well, for the birds. Behold, a solution!

    23. A piercing pillow with a donut shape so you can still get that sweet side sleep even with a freshly pierced ear. No more tossing, turning, and straining your neck all night to prevent ear irritation.

    model holding a yellow circular pillow with a hole in the middle for your ear to reset

    24. Smart plug-ins to help you turn devices on and off using an app on your phone! You'll also be able to set timers for when you want devices to shut off when you're not in a room (or at home at all!).

    25. A shortcuts keyboard cover to help folks trying to master Adobe Photoshop that tend to forget a keyboard hack almost as fast as it's learned. Behold, the ~key~ to Photoshopping like a true whiz. (You'll also find a ton of similar keyboard covers for dif software programs from this brand!)

    close-up of the keyboard cover with words and symbols on each key that show what to do in Photoshop by pressing that key.

    26. Wireless sleep headphones that'll play white noise or whatever music you'd like to catch some ZZZs to — all inside a headband that'll fit comfortably around you so you lay comfortably and block out any noise in the house.

    27. A T-shirt roll holder so you'll finally do something about all the T-shirts taking space in your drawers. Plus, this thing'll just look way cooler.

    My closet door closed with several shirts hanging from a hook at the top of the door. The shirts are attached by rolling them up and putting them through stretchy loops.

    28. A bed rest pillow with arms and an adjustable head cushion so your neck and back can relax properly as you WFB (work from bed). Pillow stacking to get the *right* position is ovuhhhh.

    on the left, a person leans on the pillow with its headrest propped up. on the right, a mom leans on a pillow with headrest turned down. A quote from the mom says, "I can play all night and day on the floor with my daughter without my back aching."

    29. A bacon sponge that'll absorb excess grease after you've fried your strips to perfection. No more napkin pat-downs OR lines of grease trailing down your chin when you indulge.

    a cloth with bacon strips sitting on it that's soaking up the grease on the bacon

    30. Creamed honey that'll spread like butter on your biscuits and scoop easily into drinks without dripping sticky stuff everywhere. And it tastes AH-mazing. 🍯🐝🤤