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    37 Things That'll Make It Look Like You Handed Over Your Keys To An Interior Decorator

    No seriously, HGTV isn't even ready for you babe. 😊

    1. Faux pampas grass plumes — an easy-to-pull-off home decor accent trend that'll bring a bit of nature and elegance into your home.

    tan pampas grass in a vase sitting beside a black dresser

    2. A velvet sectional couch to bring that mid-century modern glam to your living room.

    3. An asymmetrical, two-tier TV stand that'll also display other noteworthy items in your place (like books, candles, small sculptures, or whatever else) in a really unique way.

    amber TV stand styled with books and other decor

    4. Sparkling crystal knobs to render you un-bored with the plain knobs on the dressers, nightstands, and credenzas you put together.

    5. A wire sculpture that'll give your home decor a... facial, of sorts? It's lowkey yet artful and simple enough not to clash with the rest of the room's design.

    a black wire sculpture in the shape of an abstract face

    6. Three stunning modern pillow covers – they'll appear carefully curated by the jeweler's eye of an interior decorator – even though they actually come as a set so you don't have to think too hard on it at all.

    7. A two-toned metal tub coffee table to finally help you bring the farmhouse chic style that you love and keep things organized since it doubles as storage.

    The coffee table

    8. And!? A rustic windowpane mirror to play up that farmhouse chic obsession of yours until the cows come home. 🐮

    12-pane mirror

    9. A woven rattan chair set that'll look unbe~weave~ably cool in your home with its textured, earthy, yet modern look. Per the stunning review pics, they'll work wonderfully as dining or accent chairs.

    10. A flower-shaped shelf to hold all your favorite accoutrements while giving your wall a spring-inspired update.

    the pink shelf

    11. A solid duvet set ready to put all those notions ~to bed~ about less not being more. It's not just more; sometimes, it's everything — especially when it makes you look like you catch ZZZs between the pages of an editorial home decor spread.

    12. A seashell seat cushion to instantly promote that hard chair you lowkey hate sitting on from basic to where'd-you-find-that BEAUTIFUL.

    A velvet pillow that's opened like a clam-style seashell so it provides back and butt support. It's in three colors: blue, pink, and yellow

    13. A wooden beaded garland that'll wrap around different things in your home for an extra touch of decoration. Place it around candles or vases to give them additional character.

    14. A tufted chaise lounge — one exceptionally luxurious-looking way to add an extra lounge spot to your house.

    The chaise lounger in dark green in an office space

    15. A stylish bed frame to give your bedroom modern boutique hotel vibes so you can ~staycation~ in style! The best part? Your box spring tucks completely inside the crescent-shaped frame so it'll give you support without messing up the ~lewk~.

    16. A super-luxe wooden dog house so nice-looking, you'll maybe wanna crawl in there yourself to glamp out. Only the best for your fur baby (and technically, you from time to time).

    house-shaped dog house with plush bedding and glass door

    17. An industrial bookshelf that'll look like it was made onto your wall thanks to its cool anchored design.

    18. Stair riser decals to ~step up~ an unexpected spot in your home.

    black and white pattern on stairs

    19. An acrylic vinyl holder so you can show display all your favorite records while keeping them super organized.

    20. And?! Record lovers?! A vinyl-topped side table to help create this-is-a-music-lover's-palace ambience.

    an atlantic record on top of the wooden table with hairpin legs

    21. A faux cowhide rug that'll give your space a very put-together look. There's even one with gold flecks in it in case you're in the ~moooooo~d for something a lil' more gilded.

    22. An Africa-shaped table that I own and love and can say you will 1,000% adore as functional art in your home.

    africa-shaped geode table in a marble-style white and gold with gold gems around the edges

    23. A beaded bohemian chandelier to give your ceiling extra flair. Mmmhmm. Selected like a pro with un~bead~ably good taste.

    24. An inexpensive area rug that'll tie your entire room together with its textured design and neutral color.

    The tasseled beige area rug in a living room

    25. A gilded mirror so the elegance of the Baroque Era will grace your bathroom, bedroom, or foyer. Very 17th-century-but-make-it-fabulous!

    26. Peel-and-stick wallpaper so your walls, cabinets, counters, tables, OR bookcases get a bright, floral refresh. Friends and fam'll want the interior decorator's number. You can just send 'em this link. 😎

    bright colorful floral wallpeper

    27. A wicker hanging chair you'll love for how gorgeous and beautiful it looks but also because its plush cushioning calls for a super relaxing curl-up sesh.

    28. A velvet printed couch inspired by traditional West African wax prints to give your living room a real pop that probably no one else you know will have.

    a velvet couch with a teal and orange print

    29. A mirrored console table because you know what they say about mirrors making a space look bigger! Go ahead and add some virtual square feet to the room. It'll work as an entryway table or vanity — but either way, this thing will look SO GLAM.

    30. Felt flower bouquets to give your space a vibrant spring update without you needing to acquire a green thumb to keep 'em beautiful.

    bouquet of colorful felt flowers in a clear jar-like vase

    31. A stylish utility bar cart with a removable top that converts into a serving tray. It'll ensure you always have a nice, easy setup whenever you feel like having a drink-drink.

    32. A Scandinavian hourglass vase to update your space with something so simply designed yet eye-catching.

    white ceramic vase with a dried plant inside sitting next to a fragrance diffuser. It is shaped like the bottom half of an hourglass timekeeper

    33. A floating nightstand that'll modernize your bedroom. Consider this your encouragement if things were ~up in the air~ concerning whether or not you should give your room a new lewk. 😘