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    39 Things To Buy Since You're Officially An Adult

    Being responsible isn't so bad. 😅

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A moisture meter for mastering your plant-watering schedule so you don't drown your baby or leave it thirsty. Peak plant parent levels will be achieved here. PEAK!

    a potted plant with the moisture meter sticking out of it. It's reading as "level 8" on the "wet" part of the scale

    Just stick it into your plant and it'll read the moisture levels instantly. It doesn't operate on batteries or need to be plugged in and charged. It's also appropriate for indoor and outdoor use.

    Promising review: "Who knew that one needs an accurate way to measure soil moisture levels? I saw a gardening expert using one of these and it clicked. Earlier this summer, I asked a friend why so many plants die so easily and she said the number-one problem is overwatering. Well, no more. I've only had this for a month but my plants are looking perky and happy. So far, this appears to be accurate and I now feel more confident investing in more houseplants. It's very easy to use and no special care is required." —Empower7

    Get it from Amazon for $10.97+ (available in two colors).

    2. And! Miracle-Gro indoor plant food spikes that'll turn you into a green thumb–holding plant whisperer. Just pop these sticks into the soil of your hungry plants and watch them flourish!


    The spikes will feed your baby for up to two months.

    Promising review: "I have several houseplants that had stopped flowering so I put a few of these spikes in the pot. There are directions on the back of the package for quantity and approximately a month after using these spikes, my Peace Lily had three flowers on it! My African violet plants all got several blooms on them! This worked wonders for my plants that don't flower also. I noticed that my ivy and cactus plants started growing faster and they became more green and healthy looking. I am very happy with this product and I will buy it again." —Elizabeth

    Get a pack of 48 from Amazon for $2.39+ (available in single and bulk quantities).

    3. A golden sloth hook so you can store your keys in a designated, easy-to-spot place and skip over that panic-filled morning search just before you have to leave out. Part of growing up is learning to be prepared, boo. You got this!

    a golden sloth with one of its arms serving as the key "hook"
    Urban Outfitters / Via Urban Outfitters

    Promising review: "This is so cute. I gave it to a friend and she used it to hang a plant. It's bigger than it looks in the picture but is a perfect size I think!" —Kd1988

    Get it from Urban Outfitters for $8.

    4. A Burst Oral Care electric toothbrush to give your teeth a grown-up (healthy!) glow-up. With this, you won't have to plug in to charge everyday because it'll hold power for a whole MONTH???

    Burst Oral Care

    You'll also get brush head refills delivered to your doorstep every 90 days. Convenience and healthy teeth, anyone? 🦷 Your order will come with a Burst Sonic Toothbrush, toothbrush head with charcoal bristles, USB wall adapter, and a USB charging base (that, again, you won't have to use for whole dang month).

    Promising review: "My teeth are so clean they squeak now! I would eat off of my own teeth if they were a floor and my food fell on them! That's how clean they are! I wish everything was as clean as my teeth feel!" —Lisa D.

    Get it from Burst Oral Care for $69.99+ (originally $89.98; available in three colors; comes with FREE whitening strips).

    5. Self-adhesive marble film to give your bathroom or kitchen counters a chic upgrade that'll be easy to remove when your lease ends. BC yea, at this age, we DEFLEE care about getting every cent of our security deposit back.

    on top a reviewer's plain bathroom counter, on the bottom the same counter covered in marble film

    Promising review: "I used this adhesive film to turn two cheap Ikea tables into less cheap-looking Ikea tables because I'm not made of money, but I would like others to believe I am. Super simple to use and you get a ton of it for the price. I was really pleased overall. The pattern actually looks like marble, not a weird pixely repetitive pattern so that's great as well. Also, it was delivered same day, which was miraculous, as my DIY initiative tends to fade approximately 48 hours after I discover a project I want to do." —Spencer House

    Get it from Amazon for $12.09 (available in a 17"x18" roll).

    6. Headrest hooks that'll ensure your purse and other bags stay put as you (whoops!) speed your way to those gotta-be-there-soon places.

    I actually do not encourage speeding but you know what I mean, right? Also, these hooks will also help you access your bag while you're at the wheel and prevent them from falling over and dumping the contents all over your floor.

    Promising review: "What a great idea! This is the handiest contraption ever. You simply raise your headrest about 1/2 inch and clip this to the headrest's post. It is firm and secure. My handbag's often heavy and this doesn't make it tilt at all. I gave one to my daughter who uses it in her car too. She loves it as her car doesn't have much floor space as her center console is wide and she often has passengers. Great value for something so useful!" —The Dog's Honest Truth

    Get a set of two from Amazon for $7.99 (available in black and beige).

    7. A Book of the Month subscription for anyone who always means to hop back into leisure reading, but life's other responsibilities keep getting in the way of library or bookstore trips.

    Aa stack of books. The titles from top to bottom are "Lock Every Door," "Things You Save In A Fire," "Three Women," "The Gifted School," and "Gods of Jade"
    Instagram / Book of the Month

    Book of the Month will bring five new books to your doorstep and you'll get to keep and pay for your faves. You'll even be able to score some early releases through Book of the Month.

    Get a 3-month subscription at Book of the Month for $49.99 (also available in 6- and 12-month time frames).

    8. OR! Scoop books from Bookshop since a percentage of your purchase will go toward helping local bookstores thrive in business. Getting your read on AND helping the greater good is most def adulting goals.

    BuzzFeed / Marquaysa Battle

    Bookshop donates 10% of your purchase to local bookstores. You even get to choose which bookstore near you that the money will go to, as long as they have a curated shop on the site. Yes, even if you buy books in the Bookshop marketplace that aren't from *that* shop.

    BTW, the book shown here is Michael Arceneaux's I Don't Want To Die Poor, which I read and so thoroughly enjoyed that I actually read it twice! It's a supremely well-written series of essays on the financial, emotional, physical, and social impact of student loans on a millennial who's also Black and queer. The entire book is witty and fun without cropping a single thing out of the very ugly picture that is the student loan debt crisis. While the book informs in a bunch of ways, it was definitely the "Float On" chapter for me, where Arceneaux reckons with multigenerational coping mechanisms. POW-ER-FUL.

    Get the book from Bookshop for $15.64+ (originally $17+; available in paperback, e-book, and audiobook forms) OR browse a bunch of different titles on the site.

    9. A record player to give your space an old-school feel. Haha, now it's ~your~ turn to start your Saturday mornings with a cleaning spree and old-school cuts, so why not do it with this gadget?

    a mint green record player with a matching mint green record sitting on it

    The record player will also give your parents and grandparents a cool dose of nostalgia when they come over. Vinyl records are sold separately of course, but lucky for you, Amazon has a TON of affordable picks.

    Promising review: "I've had this record player for about four months and I use it every single day. It works every time. It plays loud and clear and doesn't distort when turned all the way up. I also love the design and it's easy to use. My kids have now grown a love for my passion for vinyl and they will be getting their own player soon as well. This was easy to set up, plug in, and play. It's also perfect and easy to move from room to room. Overall, I love my little player." —Neeners503

    Get it from Amazon for $45.99+ (available in 27 colors) and any vinyl you want from the Amazon CDs and vinyl collection.

    10. Luv Scrub mesh body exfoliators that'll serve as a more sanitary version of those bacteria magnets — oops, I mean loofahs. Wet or dry, it can be used to cleanse, exfoliate, and remove ingrown hairs.

    Marquaysa Battle / BuzzFeed

    Luv Scrub is a Black woman–owned business, and its mesh cloth design is inspired by a traditional West African morning routine. Several folks on your friendly neighborhood BuzzFeed Shopping team swear by this mesh scrub, including your girl! I have keratosis pilaris, which is a fancy-schmancy way of saying I have to work a lil' harder to exfoliate my body. This baby helps a ton. Scrubbing my body with it is super soothing; it feels like I'm slathering myself with a body scrub minus the gritty mess leftover to rinse from the shower afterward. Plus, I really love how fast it dries. It makes me feel good knowing I'm not putting a bacteria magnet on my skin each time I use it. Def get this if you wanna invest more into your body care/self-care routine. 30 outta 10, so recommend.

    Get it from Luv Scrub for $18 (also available in four more colors).

    11. A car trunk organizer to keep your whip nice and orderly. (Psst. Here's your reminder to actually be a responsible grown-up and stock up the trunk with practical things you may need in a pinch.)

    reviewer's photo of the square car trunk organizer actually in their trunk with stuff in the different compartments. Also there is so so so much empty space in their trunk that was previously covered with all the stuff.

    Promising review: "My wife’s car would be a total pigpen without these. The first one was so nice, I got her a second one. They’re solid and tough and make grocery shopping so much nicer because they hold and contain everything so well." —Mitch

    Get it from Amazon for $29.97+ (available in three colors and two styles).

    12. Also — a heavy-duty car trash bag so your car can stop resembling the messy room you kept in grade school when you still lived with your parents.


    This car trash can also comes with a free pack of 10 liners. Once you're done with the free liners, you can re-up with a fresh pack of liners from the same brand, which are sold separately.

    Promising review: "I love this thing! It has a thick protective plastic sewed on the inside so cleaning up spills is super easy. Plus, it came with a roll of plastic garbage bags that fit perfectly inside. It's a heavy-duty car trash bag and very good quality. I was honestly expecting something thin and flimsy. That is not what I got at all. It holds quite a bit of trash. I'm a mother of two and car junk adds up really fast. So glad I bought this because it has come in handy." —BonBon

    Get it from Amazon for $12.99+ (available in two sizes and two quantity options) and a 40-count pack of liners for $9.99.

    13. A comfy temperature-regulating blanket to snuggle in the same muslin material that infants sleep in! Because who said you can't sleep like a baby just bc you're a grown-up? Sweet, cozy dreams, my friends! 🛌🏿👶🏿

    white muslin blanket on a made-up bed
    Muslin Comfort

    It's from Muslin Comfort, small woman-owned business founded by Shyla, a mom who started off hunting for an adult-sized muslin blanket similar to the one her baby has, couldn't find one, and decide to make her own. Now, her brand's got bedding, loungewear, burp cloths, kitchen linens and more! 

    Promising review: "I was skeptical of this blanket especially with the price, but after purchasing about a dozen blankets since going through menopause to help with my super hot nights, I couldn’t LOVE this blanket more! Worth every penny and then some!" —Jaime D.

    Get the blanket from Muslin Comfort for $199.99+ (available in sizes twin to king and in three colors).

    14. A portable canvas cup holder that'll prevent you from spilling your latte everywhere like you do all too often while on the go. Yup. Time to depart from those childish ways, my friend 🥴😭.

    Dreamy Daisy / Etsy

    Dreamy Daisy is a small accessory shop based in Washington, DC. It's got all the handmade canvas backpacks, spa headbands, scrunchies, and loads more. Treat yo selffff.

    Promising review: "The product is super cute and fits cups perfectly!!! I bought this for my coworkers and now I need to order one for myself." —Wendy

    Get it from Dreamy Daisy on Etsy for $15.99+ (available in four colors and sold individually or in sets of two, three, or four).

    15. A Layla Sleep Kapok Pillow to lay your head on something super-duper soft and cushy. It'll also help prevent overheating — all thanks the breathable material made with performance copper fibers.

    A couple sleeping on the pillows
    Layla Sleep

    BTW, Layla Sleep is a small business based in New Haven, Connecticut. 💜

    Promising review: "The most comfortable pillow that I have ever owned. Love that you can 'adjust' the height of the pillow by simply unzipping the cover and removing some of the foam stuffing." —Patricia P.

    Get it from Layla Sleep for $109+ (available in two sizes).

    16. Avarelle acne-absorbing patches — a godsend for anyone who thought aging out of their teens meant the end of breakouts then, boom, adult acne crashed the party. These'll suck the gunk out so they're not around so long.

    The patches are made of hydrocolloid with a hint of tea tree oil that's meant to minimize redness, decrease the size of the overall acne spot, and shorten the time frame of a blemish.

    Promising review: "I’ve tried so many brands of pimple spots and these are hands down the best on the market. I’m a performer at Walt Disney World and a clear complexion is required. Last night, I put these on a few acne problems — a small cyst, a whitehead, and a pimple I shouldn’t have picked that has been a bump for about three weeks now. I just woke up and am writing this review in disbelief. THEY'RE FLAT! Gone! All of them! I could cry I’m so happy. The packaging is also ideal because it allows you to conveniently and easily peel the stickers off without stretching them out or folding them back on themselves. Do yourself and your complexion a huge favor! Have these on hand for a stubborn zit when you really need help. Make sure you apply them to completely clean and dry skin." —Caitlyn

    Get them from Amazon for $8.49 (available in a 40-count pack).

    17. Jeffrey Campbell Hurricane waterproof boots so when it rains, you can slip into these cuties and won't compromise your outfit with those ugly rubber clunkers. Yep, this is the grown-up way to splash in puddles when it pours.


    Promising review: "I literally wear them everywhere I go. It’s like, what was I doing before I owned these???? I wear socks with them, and I honestly find them so comfortable. I’m ordering in more colors bc they’re just so perfect." —YGC1

    Get them from Nordstrom for $64.95 (free shipping; available in sizes 6–10 and five colors).

    18. A deep-pocket sheet set now that you've moved on up from twin-size dorm beds to a frame and mattress big enough to lay in starfish position. This way, you won't have to worry about a corner or two popping up while you sleep.


    These sheets fit mattresses up to 24 inches deep (!!!) and come with four pillowcases.

    Promising review: "Finally, I found a sheet set for my 18-inch mattress that really does fit. I love that I am not struggling to get the last corner on. These sheets are very soft and cool to the touch. I ordered the beige and the color matches what the website shows. Delivery was fast and the price is great. I will be ordering a couple more sets for under what some places charge for one set." —Vic

    Get it from Amazon for $32.68+ (available in 19 colors and sizes ranging from twin to California king).

    19. A two-sided tea stand to organize your packets since your party days are dwindling and you're downing more tea and fewer shots. The stand will hold 100 tea bags and features 12 slots.

    Promising review: "Do I really need a tea bag organizer? That's what I was thinking when I ordered this. And when I took it out of the box. And when I filled the first little bag holder. But, as the pile of empty boxes grew larger, I knew the answer was yes, I do need a tea bag organizer. I was using a whole shelf and a half of jumbled tea boxes which I had to sift through to look for a specific tea. In the end, I think this held about eight or nine boxes of tea bags (I crammed some of them). I am so happy that I got this!" —Sarah C.

    Get it from Amazon for $24.99.

    20. A dishwasher magnet so you can take charge of the "Are they clean or are they not?" conversation in your household and prevent dirty dishes from making their way back into your cabinets.

    an octagon-shaped magnet with dirty on the top  and clean on the bottom half

    It's time you settled this thing once and for all! If you have kids, this is also a cute way to get them to be more on top of their chores, especially if they take turns loading the dishwasher during the week.

    Promising review: "I got this a year ago and have used it consistently. It stays in place and does not spin when I open and close the door. It has a strong magnet on it. It has never fallen off the dishwasher, and you can tell from a distance whether the dishes are dirty or clean unless you forget to turn it, of course." —Melanie DiBona

    Get it from Amazon for $5.

    21. House slippers, because age will sure tell ya that walking around the house on just your feet is a no-go. The balls of your feet are over you, so start giving 'em some cushy TLC, OK?,

    Take it from someone who couldn't tolerate it anymore almost as SOON as I turned 30. 🙄

    Promising review: "I absolutely love these slippers! Not only are they super comfortable and super cute, but they are also really durable. I tend to destroy slippers, as I wear them every minute I’m at home and have a bad habit of stepping outside in them too. The bottoms get all torn up in a fairly short amount of time and I have to throw them away. I’ve had this pair for around two months and they still look brand new, which is no small feat for me. They are nearly as thick and sturdy as a regular pair of shoes — more so than some, actually. They’re very supportive and feel wonderful on your feet. Seriously, look no further for a great pair of slippers!" —Jessica K.

    Get them from Amazon for $20.99+ (available in sizes 5–12 and three colors).

    22. A handmade eyeglasses holder because you've been doing the I-can't-find-my-glasses routine for way too long. Now that you're all growed up, time to minimize all that by perching them on this polished wooden sniffer.

    a small wooden sculpture of a nose with eyeglasses perched on them

    One reviewer even shared that he uses this stand to keep up with his glasses and also his wedding ring.

    Promising review: "I got this for my husband as a Christmas gift. It sits on his nightstand and he uses it regularly. He doesn't lose his glasses as much. I've also noticed that he doesn't fall asleep with them on his face or somewhere in bed since he started using this. I like it because it saves me the aggravation of listening to my husband look for his glasses. It's cute yet functional." —Lady Tauber

    Get it from Amazon for $5.89+ (available in seven sculpture styles).

    23. A hanger stacker that'll turn laundry day into such a quick breeze. Washing clothes is easy. It's the pile of unsorted clean clothes living as your bedmate for three days that needs addressing.

    Consider this stacker your new support since you'll be able to hang everything up in a snap now that you'll actually be able to find hangers without the task of untangling them.

    Promising review: "The struggle with hangers has been real for quite some time. I wish I would have known about this thing sooner! Seriously, laundry is enough of a pain so to not fight with hangers will be wonderful. It arrived double-boxed and nicely packaged within. Assembly was simple with a total of four screws to attach the vertical pieces to the base and the wrench included. No personal tools were needed. The hanger stand doesn't wiggle and seems sturdy. Hopefully, it stays that way because this has saved me a ton of room and hassle! I'm buying another for child-size hangers." —Kara Adams

    Get it from Amazon for $37.99.

    24. A moon lamp in case one of the things you'll never outgrow no matter how old you get is a night-light. This one resembles an actual factual moon that'll give you the comforting room glow you love in a really cool, grown-up way.

    a small, round light that glows and appears to have the texture of the actual moon

    The moonlight changes between two colors (white and yellow) with a touch and runs via a rechargeable battery. 'Nother fun fact: This cool light was made via a 3D printer!

    Promising review: "This was meant to be a birthday present for someone else but I loved it so much, I just kept it for me! It's a perfect night light to keep beside your bed or just to create a cozy atmosphere! The light is very lightweight and easy to charge. I love the fact that you can increase or decrease the intensity of the brightness to your liking. This is the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one! I got the smallest one but I bet the bigger ones are equally beautiful!" —Dhanya

    Get it from Amazon for $16.99 (available in sizes 3.5–7.1 inches).

    25. A minimalist rug that'll not only add something pretty and neutral, but also satisfy your preference for as many things as possible in your house to be machine washable.


    Yuppp, you can put this baby in the washing machine! Just wash in cold water on the gentle cycle and don't use bleach. Dry it on the lowest setting and don't wring it.

    Also, can I just say I loooooove this site?! I'm obsessed. IDK why but I love a super-comprehensive home decor site with a million options that I can take my time to wade through. The Rugs USA site not only has loads of options (I know, overwhelming for some) but also a virtual try-before-you-buy feature that lets you upload a pic of your room in real time and "try out" the rugs.

    Get it from Rugs USA for $119+ (available in four sizes; don't forget your rug liner!).

    26. A tote and wristlet set now that you're not really up for switching bags every other day. Now you'll have two bags in one.

    The bag comes with a wristlet that you can use alone as a mini clutch or as a wallet.

    Promising review: "I bought this bag last year in camel and black, and have waited to see how it held up before reviewing. I’ve had it for 10 months now and have used it daily, and as a carry-on on fights. I’ve loaded it down (overloaded, to be honest) with so many items that it was hard for me to carry — but not for this bag to handle! It is such an impressive bag! I wasn’t sure when I read 'high-quality synthetic vegan leather' but let me assure you — it is wonderful. Every part of the bag looks and feels like soft leather. I believe it looks even better the more it’s used! I receive compliments on it all the time and have had no issues with the material or even stitching (and I am not easy on my bags or purses). I’ve used a leather cleaner on it once, with very nice results." —Kathy

    Get it from Amazon for $34.99+ (available in seven reversible color options).

    27. And! A bag-organizing insert so you can dig into your black hole of a purse without feeling like Mary Poppins., Amazon

    The insert features a large pocket, four small pockets, two zipper pockets, and six mesh pockets so we can finally find stuff without feeling like Mary Poppins.

    Promising review: "This bag has revolutionized my life! As a professional woman who needs to stay organized, my purse was my downfall. All of my adult life, I have fumbled to find things on the bottom of my handbag no matter what the size. I have even tried carrying a flashlight to find things but I could never find the flashlight. Do I have a pen? It's got to be here somewhere. Paper? Yes, I think I have paper. Well, it's crumpled, but it's paper. Safety pins? Maybe, but it will take an hour to sort through everything else to find them. Maybe if I dump everything out on the counter, it won't take so long... NOW I am the picture of efficiency. Wallet, pens, paper, cords, phone, keys, gum, safety pins, comb, ID badge, mouthwash, lipstick, cold capsules, and more are all tucked nicely into this travel bag, which easily slips in and out of any purse I choose to carry. I purchased the small and medium size and they fit perfectly inside my purses. The organizer holds a ton of stuff and everything is standing up in full view. Nothing is laying on the bottom of my purse. It has completely changed everything. I am DELIGHTED with this purchase!" —Janis Creason

    Get it from Amazon for $8.99+ (available in sizes S–L).

    28. A kitchen knife sharpener to refresh your dulling knives and do the most adult thing of adult things to do, which is to save money. Yayyy you!

    model's hand sliding a knife through the slot on the knife sharpener

    Promising review: "For five and a half dollars, I thought it would be cheaper if I could save her old knives rather than buying new $25 knives for [my mother]. She was so impressed with the results that she pulled out her retired paring knives from a junk drawer — a filet knife and a huge 12-inch American-made chef's knife that was about 30 years old — and asked me to sharpen them. I was able to bring back a cutting edge on all of them! Maybe not as sharp as new but plenty sharp for use in the kitchen." —Rick T.

    Get it from Amazon for $8.80+ (available in three colors).

    29. Cerave eye cream because, yup, you shoulda been giving the sensitive area around your eyes extra TLC. The older you get, the more sensitive that area will become, so jump on it. The cream'll moisturize as well as minimize wrinkles, dullness, and dark circles.,

    I use this eye cream regularly and it's also very helpful for dry eczema patches that sometimes pop up on my lids.

    Promising review: "I inherited fair skin from my German mother and very dark circles from my Lebanese/Mexican father. These dark circles just JUMP out at you on my face and I've had them my whole life regardless of what I eat, how much I sleep, etc. I never [wanted to] leave the house without concealer and no creams ever worked for me in the past. I decided I should try this one because, I guess why not? ... I used it twice a day every day after washing my face. I put little dots around the bottom and top of my eyes (because I felt my eyelids were also rather dark) and gently massaged it into the skin...I saw so much more of an improvement than I've ever seen before! (If you're like me and have naturally dark circles under the eyes, unfortunately, you can't expect [them to completely disappear] from any cream.) Bonus fact: I have very sensitive skin and this was very soothing and not irritating in the least." —Pedro Rodriguez

    Get it from Amazon for $10.79.

    30. The Always Pan because yeah, those old, burnt-out pans from college are no longer gonna cut it anymore. Plus, once you enjoy all its features, it'll prob be the one you'll reach for on the regular.

    Our Place, Maitland Quitmeyer / BuzzFeed

    It's designed to replace eight different cookware pieces and features a nonstick surface, venting top, mesh basket to steam, plus a spoon that fits snugly onto the handle. 😱

    BuzzFeed editor Bek O'Connell tried the beloved Our Place pan. Peep her review ahead:

    "I have and love this pan! It just feels really nice to hold. The nesting spoon is absolutely genius, everything cooks evenly, and food just glides right off with minimal effort. If you hate scrubbing, consider getting this! Also, Our Place was founded by Shiza Shahid, along with Amir Tehrani and Zach Rosner. She's a Pakistani social entrepreneur who also cofounded the nonprofit Malala Fund, which promotes education for young girls."

    Get it from Our Place for $145 (available in four colors).

    Also, check out our full review of Our Place's Always Pan (Spoiler Alert: It lives up to the hype. Wayyy up.)

    31. A Home Chef subscription for times when you feel like a Rugrat and are too inundated with ~sponserberleries~ to do much grocery shopping.


    This meal subscription service was developed by IRL chefs. The meal boxes feature fresh foods based on your specified eating preferences (e.g., vegetarian, pescatarian, vegan, etc.). You get to pick two different subscriptions including the traditional Home Chef one (full of ingredients that need prepping for folks who like to cook) or the Fresh & Easy one (fully prepped stuff for folks who wanna just skip to the eating). You'll get easy-to-follow instructions and the food will be delivered super fresh with lots of ice packs. You're also good to skip a week so nope, this won't be a trick subscription entanglement situation.

    Get the Home Chef meals for $6.99 per serving plus shipping.

    32. Porter bowls to carry your lunch around in something way more chic and mature-looking than mismatched plastic bowls or grade school–looking lunchboxes.


    Aside from these bowls being gorg, they're also airtight and dishwasher and microwave safe so you can tote your food without fear of it spilling. Peep what BuzzFeed writer Rachel Dunkel thinks of these bowls:

    "I use my Porter Bowl basically every time I bring my lunch to work. The lid vacuum seals tightly, and I've never had a problem with leaks. It's both microwavable and dishwasher safe, which is obviously a huge win in my book. And it just feels nice to eat lunch out of a real piece of dishware rather than flimsy plastic. I have the ceramic version and haven't had any problems with scratching. It's rubber coated, so it's easy to travel with and doesn't slide around. I would personally like more as gifts, please!"

    Promising review (from someone who's not Rachel, ofc): "I LOVE this bowl! Using it make my lunch kit feel more 'grown-up' and I’m inspired to make my own lunches more frequently. I love that it is ceramic and not plastic or metal. I wish it were leakproof but, I have a lunch bag that allows it to remain upright and I will be using this bowl for 'drier' lunches like grain bowls and salads, not for soups." —J. Miller

    Get them from Amazon for $20+ (available in ceramic or plastic and in 10 colors).

    33. Light-dimming stickers that'll prevent the blinking lights on all of your electronics from keeping you awake at night now that you're committed to getting every single drop of sleep you deserve.


    FYI: These light-dimming stickers are meant to decrease the stark brightness, not eliminate the light altogether. Also, yes, you can use it to cover up the camera on your laptop if you're like me and think the government is probably, definitely watching your every move. The package comes with over 100 dimming stickers meant to diminish about 50% to 80% of the light.

    Promising review: "I wish I'd had these for the last 15 years. If you have electronics in your bedroom and hate the light they put out, then this is what you're looking for. Now all my chargers are nice and dim, my Bluetooth audio device no longer guides ships safely to shore, and I can leave my amplifier on a sleep timer without planes headed into the nearby international airport mistaking it for runway lights. If you have an overly bright indicator light under a smooth surface, this is the solution... I used to have to open up my electronics and draw on the LEDs with a Sharpie or stick black sheets of paper in front of the lights, but this is a much simpler solution." —J. G. K.

    Get it from Amazon for $7.49.

    34. A satin pillowcase set that'll zhuzh up your bedroom decor by day and help minimize hair breakage and dryness as you sleep on it by night.,

    Promising review: "I wish I had bought these sooner! I feel like I sleep so much better with them on my pillow. My pillow also feels like it's cooler. It's definitely not wrinkle free but that doesn't bother me because it's sooooo soft. I love the little pocket on the inside to keep your pillow tucked in. As far as cleaning them, it's a breeze. I tossed them in the washer with my sheets and washed them like normal. I just turned them inside out. Then I laid them flat to dry. They dried very quickly. I don't think I'll be able to go back to sleeping on a regular cotton pillowcase now." —Danielle Clay

    Get it from Amazon for $7.65+ (two in a pack; available in 18 colors and four sizes).

    35. Reusable grocery bags because you're too old to not contribute to saving our planet. Your new, less plastic-dependent life is about to be fab, OK?


    These strong but lightweight bags are made of 100% rip-resistant nylon that'll hold up to 30 pounds worth of stuff and you can fold them up into tiny space-saving pouches when you're not using them. It's also recycled material so you'll score extra planet-saving points with this one.

    Promising review: "I absolutely love this bag and have now purchased some more for myself and friends. Not only are the designs very cute and trendy, but these also take up zero room in your purse/bag so you can always have one with you and don't have to try to remember to grab your reusable bags from home or car every shopping trip. They're very sturdy. I have been able to carry at least two regular bags worth of groceries in this, including heavy items like a gallon of milk. When you're done, it's very easy to fold back up and pop into its little case." —Britt

    Get them from Amazon for $36 (available three in a pack).

    36. And! A reusable washable sponge that according to reviewers, you'll be able to actually put in the washing machine and keep around for a long, long time. Look at you, being all grown and into reusable everythang!

    Marley's Monsters / Etsy

    This eco-friendly invention is from an Etsy shop founded by Sarah Dooley of Marley's Monsters which is chock-full of sustainable items like paper towels, face cloths, burping cloths, and more.

    Promising review: "I love these reusable sponges! They scrub food off easily and are very sturdy. I am so happy with the quality and the fact that I can wash and reuse them! Perfect replacement for disposable sponges and so cute!" —Kristen Velasquez

    Get it from Marley's Monsters on Etsy for $10+ (available in packs of one or three and three colors).

    37. Schick Silk Touch-Up Dermaplaning Tools because now you're old enough (and patient enough) to take a blade to your face ~without~ the outcome being the scene of a horror movie.


    These will take off peach fuzz, help shape brows, and remove dead skin cells with a simple, careful flick of your wrist.

    Promising review: "These little guys work perfectly for dermaplaning! I used one the other night after I washed and applied toner to my face. It’s been a couple of days and my skin still feels baby soft. I didn’t have any sort of reaction or anything to the exfoliation, which was nice because I have severe cystic acne. My makeup goes on so smoothly and I finally have that glowing look I’ve been trying to get! I will definitely be buying these again." —Hannah Jean

    Get the set of three from Amazon for $4.99+ (available in a three-pack and nine-pack).

    38. Divider sticky notes to help you better organize the thoughts you jot down in your journal, planner, or diary. You could also use them to take notes and bookmark pages in textbooks without damaging the books.


    You get 60 sticky notes in one pack.

    Promising review: "I absolutely love these dividers! I use them in my planner and textbooks as reminders on materials and for a breakdown of what bills are due each week at a glance. I will definitely purchase again." —King_savage17

    Get it from Amazon for $5.29 (available in multiple quantities).

    39. Adidas Cloudfoam Pure Running Shoes that are wildly comfortable for working out and wearing all the way to the event before switching into your heels at the very last possible minute. Yeah, you're that age and so am I.

    Adidas / Via,

    I own a black pair of these and they're seriously one of the comfiest friggin' sneakers I've ever worn (the other is a pair of New Balance) in my 30 years of life. The "Cloudfoam" insole really does make it feel like your feet are walking on clouds. I thought that feeling might go away after several months of wear but the sneakers remain fluffy and relaxing. The sneakers were so comfortable that I started wearing them to the gym, to work, and even matching them with cute dresses for going-out looks. You'll probably want to order two pairs of these babies so you don't wear out a single pair after you fall in love. I bought my mom a pair as well.

    Promising review (from someone obviously not me): "Love these shoes! I am a teacher and I am on my feet all day. I love these shoes and highly recommend them." —Linram22

    Get them from Amazon for $31.97+ (available in 5–12 and 20+ colors).

    Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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