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    20 "Mean Girls"–Themed Things That Are, Like, Really Pretty

    Wall stickers, mugs, card games, and way more grool things for people obsessed with the cult classic.

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    1. A "You're, like, really pretty" doormat that'll definitely give you the warm, confidence-boosting welcome you deserve every time you come home.

    2. OR a sticker so the magic mirror on your wall compliments you every time you look into it without you even having to do any "mirror mirror on the wall" style interrogation.

    3. A "That Is So Fetch" mug that Gretchen Wieners would SO approve of.

    4. A "Boo, you whore" tapestry to display on your wall if the rudest quote from the film just happens to be your favorite.

    5. A Much Ado About Mean Girls book that'll recount the beloved story of the North Shore High kids in Shakespearean verse. Thee shall loveth the heck out of this cool adaptation.

    6. The Burn Cookbook full of recipes inspired by the movie – it'll have your belly full of yummy stuff like Fetch-uccine Alfredo; You Go, Glenn (Hot) Cocoa; and Just Stab Caesar Salad. BTW?!! This cookbook was partially created by THE Jonathan Bennett who played Aaron Samuels in the movie.

    7. And! An "On Wednesdays, we wear pink" apron so you can make all the recipes in style.

    8. A Burn Book candle that'll smell like "baby prostitute" and "pink Wednesdays," if those things had a scent. It'll also burn for about 50 HOURS, OMG!

    9. A Burn Book note cards set so you can jot down all the dirt on everyone in your social circle — or, you know, your to-do list.

    10. A cafeteria breakdown map sweatshirt that was for sure drawn up by Janis and Damian to help find out ~egg-zactly~ who you can sit with at North Shore High School.

    11. A "Cool mom" T-shirt perfect for anyone who loved Mean Girls growing up and now has mom duties that finally let them relate to Mrs. June George.

    12. A pretty butter dish that Regina George would be very pleased to have since it'll forever ask her infamous "Is butter a carb?" question.

    13. And! An adorable onesie for the baby who has your heart and is way too cool for school. Heads up: It'll be SO adorable for you to wear that T-shirt and have a little baby to wear this onesie. Seriously. I'm already crying about it.

    14. A Mean Girls vinyl record that'll play all of the fetching songs from the Broadway adaptation.

    15. The What Do You Meme? expansion pack to mix into the deck full of the original meme-themed cards. There'll ALWAYS be a Mean Girls moment or quote to match what goes on in real life so this deck is just perfect. Go ahead and consider yourself the winner.

    16. A pocket notebook set that you could totally turn into your personal Burn Book. But listen, if that ultimately ends up with police involvement or a bus incident, that'll totally be on you.

    17. A Burn Book eyeshadow palette to help you pull off a variety of looks whether you feel like pulling off Caty Heron's first-day vibes or Regina George 2.0 levels of glam.

    18. A magnet set full of all the colorful quotes from the film that you say all the time anyway. These'll be perfect to slap on your laptop or fridge!

    19. An "On Wednesdays We Wear Pink" shower curtain for the super committed fan. Listen, no one will judge if you find yourself performing "Jingle Bell Rock" at one of your sold-out shower concerts.

    20. A retro Mean Girls VHS tape lamp to give your space a glow that's soft and (of course!) pink.

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