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    35 Home Decor Things On Etsy That Are Gorgeous And Under $50

    The mason jar fairy lights 😭

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A ceramic lips planter that'll be the literal visual representation of just how much you talk about your plant babies on a daily basis.

    someone holding the red lips planter which has a plant inside
    Shelby Sells Co. / Etsy

    Shelby Sells Co. is an Odessa, Texas-based shop with tons of cute planters, mugs, dog bandanas, and more.

    Promising review: "Great quality and exactly as pictured. It’s a nice heavy pot. I love it!" —Liz Petkis

    Get it from Shelby Sells Co. for $25.50 (available in three colors)

    2. A stylish DIY tabletop fireplace might make you want to host fireside chats with the fam every evening — especially since these glass panels can be removed for s'more-roasting.

    1 Man 1 Garage / Etsy

    The DIY kit comes with 11 wood pieces that snap together without glue or special hardware to create the base, lava rock (for decoration), and sand. It operates on gel fuel (sold separately; not included) so it'll light instantly — and it's safe to use indoors and outdoors.

    Btw, this 1 Man 1 Garage shop, is based in Nashville, Tennessee and has the COOLEST designs. The shop builds the pieces, then provides the instructions so you can put something beautiful together and actually use it going forward. I also recommend the DIY vintage camper style birdhouse and the DIY Japanese-style Pagoda lantern candle holder. Soooo thoughtfully designed and fun.

    Promising review: "Bought this as an anniversary present for my boyfriend and he (we) absolutely love it! The care and detail that went into this is amazing! The wood and glass are high-quality and well packaged and they even included s’mores forks in the kit! So great! Will definitely be purchasing more for gifts in the future!! Keep up the great work!" —April Rojas

    Get the tabletop fireplace from 1 Man 1 Garage for $19.20+ (available in two styles plus a deluxe box set).

    3. A macrame envelope to store mail, receipts, keys, or whatever else could use storing — in a super cute way.

    the cream-colored macrame envelope holder holding a few cards
    Aloe Painted Pots / Etsy

    Aloe Painted Pots is a Minneapolis-based shop that sells exactly what you'd expect — hand-painted terra-cotta pots and macrame plant hangers.

    Get it from Aloe Painted Pots for $34.

    4. A beautiful suncatcher that'll bring the colorful magic of Disney through your window every time the sun shines.

    Wish Upon Magic

    Wish Upon Magic is a small shop based in a Los Angeles that specializes in handmade Disney-themed lifestyle designs.

    Get the one on the left from Wish Upon Magic for $11.99 or the one on the right for $4.39.

    5. A bundle of fresh eucalyptus to give your bathroom some greenery and an elegant spa-feel plus fill the space up with eucalyptus-scented steam for a lil' aromatherapy.

    A bundle of the fresh eucalyptus hanging in a shower
    Botanica Fleur/Etsy

    Botanica Fleur is a Nashville, Tennessee-based botanical boutique specializing in real eucalyptus products.

    Get it from Botanica Fleur for $8+ (available in four sizes).

    6. A decorative irregular-shaped mirror that'll bring something funky and cool — yep, a ~reflection~ of your personality — into your space.

    IkkiTreasures / Etsy

    IkkiTreasures is a Canada-based shop specializing in pretty home decor and storage items. Also, this can be ordered with a pen to write sweet messages to yourself on the mirror.

    Get it from IkkiTreasures for $29.99 (available in teo colors and with or without a pen).

    7. A set of country-chic planter pots on a customizable piece of pinewood. Just put 'em up and boom, you've got an indoor hanging garden.

    Various planters on wooden background hanging on wall

    The Red Poppy Peddler is a small Etsy shop based in Twin Lake, Michigan that makes loads of plant holders in a variety of really awesome styles.

    Promising review: "This is the perfect piece for a bare wall! I put it in my kitchen by my back door to continue to give me some summer vibes throughout the winter. Perfect on a brick wall! Adorable and well made!" —daperri1

    Get it from The Red Poppy Peddler for $32+ (available in vertical and horizontal options, with or without plants, and 11 wood finishes).

    8. Concrete catchall dishes to give you a (very artsy!) ~hand~ with organizing your jewelry and other little trinkets in your space.

    Made by Rheal / Etsy

    They're also offered in gilded and nude colors! BTW, Made by Rheal is a proud Black- and queer-owned business based in Oakland, California. Rheal's other designs include coasters, jewelry, woven blankets, vessels, and more!

    Promising review: "This little beauty is everything I hoped it would be! It’s on the small side, but it’s perfect for rings or other tiny treasures and I absolutely love looking at it every day. It’s well crafted and was packed with so much care. I’m looking for excuses to buy more!" —amberandhoneycomb

    Get it from Made by Rheal for $15 or shop more color and finish options for $15+.

    9. Pretty pantry labels that'll redress the containers in your kitchen with your minimal yet ultra chic style.

    The labels on containers of flour, brown rice, and oats
    Real And Vibrant/Etsy

    Real And Vibrant is a small woman-owned shop based in Seattle, Washington.

    Get them from Real And Vibrant for $10+ (available custom and standard sets of five to 80 labels).

    10. A hand-blown, purse-shaped vase with a designed inspired by Japanese cherry blossoms that'll be the perfect landing place for flowers you'd like to put on display in the house.

    Noah Decoration Studio / Etsy

    Noah Decoration Studio is a San Francisco-based shop that works with artisans who've been blowing glass for more than 20 years. They have a bunch more designs so be sure to look through 'em before you head to checkout!

    Get it from Noah Decoration Studio for $39.99+ (available in four sizes).

    11. A colorful yin yang candle that's literally so friggin' cute and a perf way to visually symbolize all the peace, good vibes, and synergy you want in your home.

    the candles in orange, brown, white, pink, yellow, purple, green, and blue
    Shop for Love Club / Etsy

    Paige Torres' Shop for Love Club sells a bunch of candles (tea lights, pillars, jars) that encourage self care.

    Promising review: "LOVE, LOVE, LOVE I ordered three for me and my best friends, and they all love them so much!! The colors are beautiful and so is the quality! Thank youuuu." —Paniz

    Get it from Shop for Love Club for $15 (available in 10 colors; you pick two).

    12. A vibrant personalized stand so you don't have to constantly pick your phone up and down as notifications pop up when you're chilling at the desk.


    It's from BrantPointPrep — a customizable gift shop owned by a graphic artist based in Cincinnati, Ohio.

    Promising review: "Just like the picture! It has a nice glossy finish. Great holder at a nice price! I highly recommend." —Yasha

    Get the one on the left from BrantPointPrep for $11.69+ (originally $13.75, available in two sizes) and the one on the right for $11.94+ (originally $14.05+).

    13. A sleek sofa and bedside caddy to keep all your devices, books, and remotes in one easy-to-find-and-reach place.

    The caddy positioned on the side of the sofa
    NEKONOTE Store/Etsy

    NEKONOTE Store is a Sydney, Australia-based shop filled with lots of very beautiful home accessories. The shop's also offering a storewide 25% off discount if you grab three items! 

    Get it from NEKONOTE Store for $13.81 (available in five colors).

    14. A gorgeous geode planter that'lll also double as a tea light holder if you're not the plant-loving type.


    It's from Tal & Bert — a family-owned and Black-owned small business based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

    Promising review: "Fits in the palm of my hand, perfect to set on my nightstand. I love having the option of placing a small candle or plant inside. The amethyst is so gorgeous, thank you!" —Alyssa Ann

    Get it from Tal & Bert for $32+ (also available with plant or candle).

    15. A stunning incense holder to prevent ashes from ruining your furniture and make your space look a little ~wavier~.

    the white and teal curved incense holder
    The Clover Boutique / Etsy

    The Clover Boutique is a Windsor, UK-based shop that was birthed during the pandemic. The makers started off hand-sewing reusable masks to pass out in their community and eventually, their creativity led them to develop homewares, jewelry, and other accessories made out of polymer-modified plaster.

    Promising review: "Super cute and feels high quality, first-time burning incense today ever and I used this holder and it worked perfectly! I couldn’t have asked for anything better, so cute and practical :)" —eva

    Get it from The Clover Boutique for $11.65.

    16. Waterproof tile decals that'll give your staircase, floor, or walls an vibrant update.

    Snazzy Decal / Etsy

    Get a pack of 12 from Snazzy Decal for $14.95 (also available in other quantities and sizes).

    17. A set of five desk organizers so you'll finally look like an adult actually works at it. A sophisticated adult, at that!

    Five gold desk organizers filled with supplies and placed on desk

    BluMonaco is a small business with an array of organization items that double as decor.

    Promising review: "I moved into a new office space because of quarantine, and I needed something to help personalize the space, and these did the trick! Just what I needed to help me stay organized and bring some color into the space without being overbearing." —Brittany

    Get it from BluMonaco for $45.

    18. A jumbo clothespin hook to bring the extra drama to your bathroom and ensure your towel won't ever fall to the floor from a slick towel bar again.

    three jumbo clothespins hanging on a wall holding towels
    Barwood Shop / Etsy

    The handmade wooden clothespins come from Barwood Shop, a custom home decor shop run out of Adirondack, New York.

    Promising review: "OMG! So much fun. Unique and functional! Easy to order, arrived as advertised and on time. Made everyone who has seen it smile! I call that a win :-)" —Doris Morgan

    Get it from Barwood Shop for $28.97 (available in seven finishes).

    19. A gorgeous mason jar fairy light that'll give your space an ✨enchanting✨ touch.

    the three jars of lights
    StellarLaneDesigns / Etsy

    England-based StellarLaneDesigns sells useful handmade decor like pots, vases, and fairy lights.

    Get it from StellarLaneDesigns for $15.93+ (available in three sizes, multi-packs, and in four lid colors).

    20. A whimsical bubblegum-blowin' animal vase – it'll prob ~blow~ any other planter you've got in got out of the water.

    zebra and giraffe vases blowing bubbles
    Wow Succulents / Etsy

    Wow Succulents is an Etsy shop with all sorts of vases, planters, hydroponic wall hangers, and more.

    Promising review: "I love this vase so much! Very fast shipping and I’m so happy with it! Looks even better in person! Thank you!" —Caley Rose

    Get it from Wow Succulents for $35.14+ (available in six animals).

    21. Removable tile decals to add extra personality to a spot in the house that's regularly stepped on yet overlooked where design is concerned.

    stair raisers in the brand's Campagne Navy print
    Quadrostyle / Etsy

    Quadrostyle is a woman-owned brand from Australian designer Gabrielle Morabia that creates home decor items sourced from all over the world.

    Promising review: "What a great upgrade to my very old, tired stairs — the product shipped quickly, was very forgiving as I worked with it, and it only took a couple hours to complete the project. I couldn't be happier with how it turned out!" —Valerie

    Get it from Quadrostyle for $13.86+ (available in six heights and two finishes).

    22. A glass candle holder that'll put a ~twist~ on your home decor and a lovely departure from the regular-degular vessels out there.

    two of the twisted amber candle holders
    Cozy and Chill / Etsy

    It's from the Toronto-based shop Cozy and Chill which sells all sorts of unique, eye-catching homewares.

    Promising review: "New heirloom! Got these for my partner for Christmas, and she absolutely adores them. They are so beautiful and different, but classic at the same time. She declared them a future heirloom!!! Very pleased. Beyond my expectations." —Gina Glenn

    Get it from Cozy and Chill for $39.59 (originally $46.57; available individually or in a pair).

    23. A rustic dried floral arrangement to decorate your spot with flowers that actually can't die on you. Ya know, since they're not alive anyway... Anywho, aren't they beautiful? 😍

    the rustic dried arrangement in an amber vase
    Everlasting Lil Things

    Everlasting Lil Things is an LA-based shop brimming with bridal bouquets, boutonnières, hair accessories, and jewelry all made with wild dried flowers.

    Promising review: "This dried flower arrangement is absolutely perfect! It is so beautiful and everything came packaged so well. I only wish I had ordered more! I can't wait to place another order. The shop owner even wrote a handwritten card, such a special touch! Incredible shop!!! Thank you :)" —lchicken

    Get it from Everlasting Lil Things for $25+ (available with or without the vase).

    24. A driftwood jewelry display that'll be way, way cooler than the tangle of accessories you've got going hanging out in your room right now and you know it!

    four dirftwood jewelry holders in various sizes
    Curiographer / Etsy

    Curiographer is a woman-founded, Jersey City-based shop from designer Katy Gardiner. Her pieces are made to order and she sources her driftwood from the shores of the Hudson River.

    Promising review: "I LOVE my new jewelry holder! It’s so unique and beautiful. It did take a while to get but it’s worth the wait. Katy kept me up to date with her search for the perfect pieces of driftwood and made it fun allowing me to pick the ultimate piece! This would be a great gift item for any jewelry lover." —Debra Allebach

    Get it from Curiographer for $34.95+ (available in sizes S–XL and your choice of 25 rigging materials).

    25. OR! A personalized jewelry stand to bring a boutique-esque vibe to your vanity or dresser.

    Personalized earring stand placed on table

    Ashandaspenhandmade is a small Etsy shop that specializes in personalized home decor and gifts for a variety of occasions.

    Promising review: "Came exactly as pictured! No scratches, nicely wrapped with bubble wrap. Super cute and fast shipping!" —Sarah

    Get it from Ashandaspenhandmade for $14.99 (available in 26 base colors and 21 font options).

    26. A contemporary wire sculpture that'll add a pretty face to your space — other than yours, of course. 😘

    a black wire sculpture in the shape of an abstract face
    Audrey Rose Design / Etsy

    Audrey Rose Design is a London-based interior design shop with a beautiful variety of vases, wall art, cushion covers, and more.

    Get it from Audrey Rose Design for $32.

    27. A super heartwarming piece of Winnie The Pooh wall art to remind you just how special every single day is.

    the print, which shows Pooh and Piglet walking in the woods
    DeWoozles / Etsy

    DeWoozles is based in Poland and sells children's classic posters, illustrations, and art prints.

    Get it from DeWoozles for $9+ (available in four sizes and two styles).

    28. An elegant Girl With a Bamboo Earring art print as a way too cool take on the classic Johannes Vermeer painting.

    Girl With a Pear Earring print hanging on wall
    Pin Franklin/Etsy

    It's from Pin Franklin — a Black-owned small Etsy shop based in Jurupa Valley, California that makes beautiful art prints. Peep this blurb from the owner:

    "I create energetic portraits that defy traditional pictorial representation. I work from the ground up, layering marker, and acrylic strokes until I carve out a colorful portrait." —Domonique Brown

    Get it from Pin Franklin for $35+ (available as a print or canvas in 13 sizes).

    29. A hanging double shelf if you're short on space for a whole shelf but still wanna display a few things in a cute way. Just ~hang~ tight; this thing's to the rescue.

    Two-tiered hanging shelf hanging on wall

    BrooklynRustics is a small Etsy shop based in New York that sells customizable gifts, party favors, and home goods. The brand will also add a personalized note for any items you grab that you want to send as a gift!

    Promising review: "This shelf is so cute in my son's nursery! It seems to hold weight well and was easy to hang!" —Kelsey Chance

    Get it from BrooklynRustics for $40 (available in 12 stain colors and nine cord and ring color combinations).

    30. A set of thick rose gold coasters so pretty you'll almost not even wanna put sweaty drinks on 'em... almost.

    Four rose gold coasters placed on table

    This set's from LukaMarbleDesigns, a family-owned small Etsy shop based in Los Alamitos, California that specializes in — you guessed it — marble home and office goods! And the prices for their marble good are actually pretty dang good, btw!

    Promising review: "These are EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for. A THICK coaster, not a cheesy tacky thin piece of marble. I’m so thrilled. Bought these as a gift but they’re so nice I’m keeping them." —Bri Lempesis

    Get a set of two from LukaMarbleDesigns for $25.95+ (available in two colors and packs of four or six).

    31. A doormat that's so on-point for your personality that I KNOW you chuckled when you saw it. Your guests will def do the same when they step over this just-playing-not-really mat.

    a door mat with the words live laugh leave
    Luxe Lumber / Etsy

    Luxe Lumber is a Canadian shop that makes loads of cool, witty doormat styles. No way you won't find something perfect for welcoming folks over your threshold.

    Get it from Luxe Lumber for $20.43+ (originally $24.04+; available in two sizes).

    32. A 3D flower wall hanging for you folks who couldn't keep an actual factual plant alive but can DEFINITELY make sure this wire design remains safe, sound, and gorgeous.

    three of the golf floral pieces arranged on a wall
    Wire and Mesh Art / Etsy

    Wire and Mesh Art is a Goshen, Kentucky-based shop that specializes in all kinds of wire decor — like this eye-catching golden butterfly.

    Promising review: "This is a really gorgeous piece of wall art! I appreciate that it’s very delicate, yet still stands out — it's the perfect accent for the gallery wall in my bedroom. They also included a tiny accent butterfly with my order, which was so sweet and very much appreciated. Shipping was super quick and my item was securely packed. Can’t recommend this enough!" —Andrea DiBenedetto

    Get it from Wire and Mesh Art for $34+ (available in four sizes and with or without a stem).

    33. A boho hat hanger to store all of your toppers in the same great fashion you typically style 'em in when you step out.

    a model sitting in front of a hanger with five hats
    Madhatters by Robyn / Etsy

    Also, this hanger comes with five knotted and assembled ropes, five S hooks, two gold nails, and two leather straps (with pre-drilled holes), so it's ready to install on arrival. It's from Madhatters by Robyn, a small shop based in Los Angeles. 

    Promising review: "Wow. This hatter is beautiful!!!! I can’t wait to show it off. Robyn was nothing but kind, quick to respond, and went above and beyond to make sure my hatter arrived. Customer service was INCREDIBLE. Thank you, Robyn! Our apartment is now complete!" —sambelvin

    Get it from Madhatters by Robyn for $38+ (available in five configurations).

    34. An encouraging sticker for wall art purposes and making sure you set house rules for your home office.

    clear wall sticker with black letters that say things like, "office rules" and beneath it the rules say "think positive" "motivate" and "never give up"
    Awesomezz Designs / Etsy

    Get it from Awesomezz Designs on Etsy for $29.99+ (available in multiple colors and four sizes).

    35. A vinyl sticker that'll basically have your mailbox saying "Yep, this is my house. And those are my people. And I'mma ~stick~ beside 'em." 😂

    the mailbox with a sticker that says the last name of the family and address of the home
    Off The Wall Vinyl Decor / Etsy

    It's from a small biz based in Dallas, Texas.

    Get it from Off The Wall Vinyl Decor for $14.95+ (available in three sizes and a ton of colors).

    Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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