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    29 Gifts For "Star Wars" Fanatics That Are Really Useful

    "I find your lack of useful Star Wars stuff disturbing." —Signed, Darth Vader

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A Millenium Falcon keychain bottle opener so the Force will conveniently be with anyone trying to crack open a cold one anywhere they are. The bonus? It'll come with a lanyard and two surprise gifts from a galaxy far, far away.

    2. A 3D Star Wars and Star Trek LED lamp made with a light guide glass plate that'll make it look like real figures from the franchise are floating through your room (OK, your personal galaxy) at night. The light will cycle between seven colors AND three shapes including R2D2 and a Tie Fighter from Star Wars and the Starship Enterprise from Star Trek. It has three brightness settings, can be operated by remote control, and will make for a super cool-looking nightlight for adults or kids!

    3. A Darth Vadar apron so Halloween and cosplay conferences won't be the only time a Star Wars fan gets to be their favorite villain. The neck portion and waist strings are connected in a single loop similar to a drawstring, making it adjustable so no Force will be needed to make this fit.

    4. A Darth Vader blender that'll whip up smoothies and shakes in a flash. It features a single button so it'll be super easy to use and the top turns into a travel-size bottle so when the blending is done, the drinking can begin, STAT.

    5. Lipsmackers Princess Leia lip balm to keep lips moisturized, subtly shined, and tasting like cinnamon! When it runs out, the container will still look super cute sitting on a desk or dresser.

    6. A 3D Darth Vader mug for Star Wars fans who love livin' (and obviously sippin') on the dark side.

    7. A bamboo utensil set with some of the most iconic Star Wars characters engraved in each one!

    8. Handmade personalized leather money clips that'll make anyone who loves Star Wars (and you!) feel extra special since you can select their favorite character, then get their name engraved or a quote or BOTH. If you happen to know their fave quote from the franchise, then the clip will be a super hit.

    9. A two-quart slow cooker to make yummy appetizers and dips that the galactic allies in their house won't be able to stop munching on any more than they can stop the suns from setting. Word to Schmi Skywalker. This slow cooker has a removable round stone insert and three cook settings.

    10. A Star Wars Lightsaber chopsticks set to actually light up and defend anyone's belly from hunger with the bravery of the Jedi. May the ~forks~ totally NOT be with the receiver of this gift as long as they have these cool, glowy things to eat with. The set will also come with a Millenial Falcon beer bottle opener!

    11. An R2-D2 popcorn maker that'll pop kernels faster than anyone can say "bleep boop bleep." The gadget will come with two measuring spoons for scooping kernels and oil. It'll pop six cups of popcorn.

    12. A Millenium Falcon waffle-maker to shoot out waffles that no one will be able to resist — with the speed of the fastest ship in the galaxy, of course. The appliance has five temperature settings and a dual-indicator to show when it's ready to cook and ready to eat.

    13. A Death Star cutting board that'll make a Star Wars lover happy every time they prep a meal. It's odor- and stain-resistant, has a hygienic glass surface, and resists heat up to 350 degrees (Fahrenheit). The board also features a non-slip base.

    14. A three-part Death Star spice grinder that I'm sure the recipient will truly appreciate and love to death. Reviewers noted that it grinds oregano, basil, and ~other~ grindable things quite well!

    15. A handmade Yoda clock created with a refurbished vinyl record because there will be no one better to reveal what time it is than the OG Jedi Master who has seen "the future, the past, and old friends long gone."

    16. A Millenium Falcon crossbody bag to carry just the daily essentials on days when the schedule is full but the load needs to be light. Warning: Be sure to let the receiver know this lil' bag is so cute, a lightsaber may be needed to defend it from the other Star Wars fans who spot them wearing it.

    17. A Friends-inspired Star Wars holiday hoodie that'll be the perfect mashup for two super iconic narratives! Hear that?! That's your virtual gift-giving bowcaster hitting its target with precisionnnnn.

    18. A unisex sock set to keep feet feeling nice and cozy whether your favorite Star Wars lover is forever on the dark side or simply a fan of the droids!

    19. Star Wars cards to treat your loved ones to an extra thoughtful holiday greeting this year. The inside reads "Merry Force be with you." These will be great for the fans you're planning to gift with cash or gift cards.

    20. A Darth Vader sweater because even the Sith aren't exempt from the Christmas spirit or the cold winters on earth. Darth Vader's gonna find a Sith with no holiday cheer or warmth quite disturbing so unless you want him to strangle your loved one with his mind or Force choke (yea... he does that), you may want to hook 'em up with this cozy sweater.

    21. A Yoda bookend so the wisest Jedi Master in the galaxy can use his powers to keep precious texts in perfect order. It's designed to lean at an angle so books will give off the illusion that Yoda is preventing them from toppling with the Force.

    22. A Star Wars pie bird that'll help you ~do~ way more than ~try~ to get a perfect-looking and -tasting pie from now on. Yoda will be so proud and more importantly, so will you!

    23. A concrete Death Star planter with an air plant that'll thrive without soil and require minimal upkeep although it'll need plentiful sunlight. It's small enough to fit anywhere from desks to kitchen counters to window sills to nightstands.

    24. A talking Darth Vader light clapper so a person can clap to turn off a lamp in a room with the Force instead of crawling out of that cozy, warm spot on the couch or bed. When they clap to turn it on, the Sith will say, "The Force is strong with this one." When it turns off, he'll utter, "You underestimate the power of the Dark Side."

    25. A set of pencils with the most iconic quotes from the franchise.

    26. A Death Star cheese board set that'll give the Star Wars lover who's also ~really~ into cheese (intersections, people!) one gift that hits two of their favorite things. The set features a crumbly cheese cleaver, a pronged knife, a hard cheese knife/spreader, and a planer inside of a wooden case. Its top doubles as a cheese board with a laser-engraved Death Star design.

    27. An insulated Thermos Wookiee lunch bag so kiddos who love Chewbacca can take a cuddly reminder of him to school with the food they need to power through whatever mission their day might bring.

    28. A Wookiee T-shirt to not underestimate the power of the messy hair day. The honorable Chewbacca is loyal, a beast with a bowcaster, and look, he helped free the friggin' galaxy. Messy hair is obviously an asset. It means you're getting stuff done and well. Right?! Obviously!

    29. A two-slice Star Wars Stormtrooper toaster that'll shoot out toasted bread with the Galactic Empire symbol on it! It'll also work for hamburger buns, toaster pastries, and English muffins. The toaster features a cool-touch housing reheat, defrost, and quick stop function. Plus, it has a removable crumb tray so you can clean it easy-peasy.

    Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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