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    28 Family-Owned Small Businesses With Cool Products You'll Love

    Pet toys, chemotherapy jackets, acne oil, and more — from their fams to yours. 😘

    1. Bean & Bean Coffee for super-duper-coffee-lovin' folks and newbies alike! You get coffee, tea, matcha, and brewing products — including subscription options. And?! The small NYC-based shop also offers virtual coffee brewing classes!

    2. Piglet for anyone who literally lives to be cozy and comfy at home all year-round. The brand has loungewear, bedding, and plenty of gifts to choose from to help you get in some heavy R&R.

    3. Afro Picks for — you guessed it! — afro picks with gorgeous, vibrant prints on them for detangling and boosting the volume of your stunning kinks, coils, and curls.

    4. Lapcos is a Korean skincare brand that makes products for the face and the body-ody-ody 😋. It's most beloved for face masks that come in different options like collagen (firming) and wine (sipping! LOL, jk. It'll help maintain elasticity).

    5. B Janecka is a multi-generational labor of love run by a mom, daughter, and grandkiddo quartet! The shop is filled with handmade jewelry, free-form pottery, and all-natural skincare.

    6. Zach & Zoë makes raw honey produced on a family honey bee farm with all-natural processes to sweeten foods and drinks with zero worries. If you enjoy tea, coffee, or honey-drizzled foods, then yupppp, you're welcome.

    7. MagicLinen provides a go-to spot for literally any home, clothing, and accessories made of breathable linen material. The Lithuania-based brand sources all of its materials locally and prides itself on top-tier quality.

    8. Lillie's of Charleston was created by two sisters Kellye and Tracey who want to share their father and great Aunt Lillie's recipes with the world. If you appreciate savory Southern flavor, then get their sauces and seasonings in your kitchen, stat.

    9. Lily Ann Boutique holds your fur baby's newest ragging obsession — and heart-melting dog bandanas.

    10. Me's Way is a Seattle-based brand founded by Chau Tonnu, a first-generation Vietnamese foodie who's decided to put her mom's sauce recipe on all our plates. I think you'll def see things her family's ~Way~ when you try the spicy, savory, and sweet chili sauce!

    11. Colossal Candles run by a husband and wife duo Will and Anjelica – is for folks with a really (and I mean really) big obsession with lighting fragrant candles for ambiance (and keeping bugs away because: important!).

    12. Alphabet Bags is a one-stop shop for all things lifestyle and gift-related, thanks to an assortment of fun statement tote bags but the shop's also full of pins, pouches, wallets, tees, and even gift sets!

    13. Southern Jams and Jelly serves up the most unique (and can't forget to say YUMMY) party favors ever. You have your pick between jam, honey, and hot chocolate favors so there's something for whatever your gifting ~tastes~ are.

    14. Chemo Cozy was started by married couple Ellen and Greg Hamilton, to create snuggly fleece jackets with details designed to help people in chemotherapy feel much comfier during the treatments. The jackets have specifically located zipper openings to allow universal access to ports, PICC lines, or forearms by clinical staff without having to disrobe in a cold office.

    15. Independence Brothers is the Philly-bred jacket brand founded by two brothers, Scott and Robbie. Their cool FULLY customizable leather jackets are made of 100% full-grain leather. Now, on a scale of one to Fonzie, how excited are ya?

    16. Tal + Bert is one home goods shop — founded by husband and wife team Ray and Val Talbert — brimming with gorgeous cement geode planters, tealight holders, and more to give your space a unique, pretty touch.

    17. Blume churns out skincare and self-care products designed to support women and girls and destigmatize regular experiences like acne, puberty, periods, and sex education.

    18. Best South BBQ makes a multipurpose grilling rack for any carnivores who plan to cook up as much meat as possible — and wanna do it fast. Flip it on one side to cook up to 36 drumsticks at a time and the other side for three racks of ribs. 🤤🍗

    19. Cleaning Studio founded by married couple Claudia and Angelo Zimmermann — sells gentle, eco-friendly cleaning products meant to keep your space spic-n-span.

    20. OKcollective Candle Co., founded by wife-and-wife duo Jessi and Kelli, offers a large selection of handmade soy candles with excellent names ("Birch Please" has my heart, tbh) and even better scents.

    21. With The Grain Weddings makes custom wedding items so you have memorable favors, bridal party gifts, and more personalized things that folks will actually factually use after the wedding. 😘

    22. Bella Skin Beauty is run by mother-daughter duo Diana and Alex who aim to share their love of wellness and skincare through beauty products with natural, non-toxic ingredients.