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11 Disney Gifs That Describe What Every College Student Is Feeling During Finals

Finals week is upon us. Stay strong, my friends.

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1. When you waited until the last minute to study, and you realize there is no way in hell you can memorize all the information / Via

...Why do I do this to myself..

2. When you see an item on the study guide that you never covered in class / Via

I'm sorry, what?

3. When a friend invites you over to study and you have to make yourself look like you haven't been wallowing in shame and self-pity all day / Via

... Yeah I'll be there in five.

4. When you have to get up for your early exams / Via

Early morning exams are the work of Satan.

5. When you get the exam and immediately forget everything you studied. / Via

Well... Fuck.

6. When you've been studying for hours on end and lose your ability to function like a sane human being / Via

How am I? I am just Neoclassicism thank you very much, Karl Marx.

7. When you procrastinate even though you know you'll be fucked / Via

I'll study after I make this origami cat. This is essential to my life.

8. When you slay the hell out of your exam / Via

Bow to me, peasants. I am your queen.

9. When you've replaced sleep with a fuck ton of caffiene / Via

I can see sounds.

10. When you get your exam grade and you did better than you thought / Via

Remember, C's get degrees

11. When your finals are finally over and you can sleep without the weight of having to study on your shoulders / Via

"I am going to sleep forever. Bye."

Good luck with your exams! Remember, you can do this. You are brilliant!

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