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You're No Bob Costas: How To Handle Eye Pain

It Turns Out Vodka Doesn't Work

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NBC was forced to bring in Matt Lauer to help out as a backup host for their coverage of the Olympics. This was due to Bob Costas being forced to curtail his hosting duties due to eye pain from an infection. You don't want to be like Bob Costas and miss work due to eye pain. Instead, you can follow these five tips to deal with eye pain gracefully.

1. Keep Your Eyes Clean and Avoid Rubbing Them

Many times, eye pain is due to infection as in the case with Bob Costas. The best way to avoid getting an eye infection or making it worse is to keep your eyes clean and avoid rubbing them. Rubbing your eyes will spread the infection, delaying your recovery process.

2. Get Eye Drops

It is hard to describe how incredibly good it feels to get some relief from eye pain by putting lubricating drops in the eyes. If you have eye pain, the first place you should turn is to over-the-counter lubricating eye drops to help give you some relief. Eye doctors can provide you with some prescription-strength eye drops if you need extra relief.

3. Treat with Heat and Cold

One of the best ways to bring pain relief to any area of the body is to apply alternating heat and cold. The eyes are no different. You can try alternating hot washcloths or heating pads with cold wash clothes or ice packs. These temperature-changing treatments are a great way to reduce swelling and reduce irritation in painful eyes.

4. Fix Your Eyes

One of the coolest developments in modern medicine is the LASIK treatment that can fix a patient’s eyes. Eye strain is a common cause of eye pain, and it is often causes by people straining to read things due to weak eyes. Glasses and contacts can help, but they are not perfect. You can avoid the pains of eye strain permanently. Are you a candidate for Lasik? Your eye doctor might be able to tell you better, but you could save yourself a lot of eye strain and fatigue if you are, and you choose to get it done.

5. Take a Break

A common cause of eye pain in this day and age is too much time spent staring at the computer screen. If you have a job that involves working with a computer, make sure to take frequent breaks to give your eyes a break. Every 15 minutes, you should allow your eyes to focus on something at least 20 feet away from your desk to give your eyes a break from focusing on the computer screen.

If you follow these tips, it will help to treat your eye pain. There is no need to suffer needlessly. You can always get relief from eye pain by treating it and seeking help when you need it.

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