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The Top 5 Ways Faulty Plumbing Can Seriously Embarrass You

We’re all keenly aware of the potential dangers of bad plumbing when we look to host others in our homes… but sometimes awareness isn’t enough.

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Faulty plumbing can do more than just cause the occasional backing up of a drain. It can seriously embarrass you in front of your esteemed guests and even force close family members to talk about you behind your back.

Let’s take a look at just five situations where bad plumbing might make you a laughing-stock, or even worse, earn you a new nickname.

1. The Gurgling Disposal

Picture this: You have a big dinner for some arbitrary reason. You invite all your friends, family members and their friends for a veritable banquet where you serve the most delicious food that anyone’s ever seen.

Can you imagine a worse way to top it all off than by having a garbage disposal gurgle, churn and regurgitate everyone’s leftovers? The worst part would be the smell that makes everyone gag and a few of your guests toss their cookies.

2. The “Unflushables”

One of the biggest things that you never think of when you have company over is your toilet. You always want it to be able to flush, no matter what the problem is.

The sheer thought of pulling out the plunger when you have company over should be enough to send shivers down your spine. (You should definitely at least make sure you have one handy, though!)

If it’s not, then think about if you have someone like your mother-in-law over for the weekend. She might be a bit old and have some plumbing problems of her own, which means it’s even more important that her “unflushables” get flushed if you don’t want to give your mother-in-law another reason to complain about you.

3. The Sink Shower

Over time, various seals corrode and begin to fail. Problems like this can lead to minor problems like leaks on their own, but it’s when you combine them with water full of minerals and other problematic items that you may be in for explosive results.

One of the most embarrassing situations that even plumbers dread concerns these two things. Imagine if you turn on a faucet one day only to see nothing more than a few drips of water coming out. Turn it to be completely open, wait a few seconds and then you may be in for a sink shower.

The worst part is that it may leave your pants stained with a water mark that makes it look like you couldn’t make it to the bathroom fast enough. That’s generally quite embarrassing.

4. The Brown Puddle

Most people neglect their sewer drains, but they’re as important as the pipes that bring water to your home. When they back up, you’re in for embarrassing and smelly results.

If your sewer drainage pipe ever backs up or breaks, you may not immediately know about it until the problem really becomes potent. Imagine having to deal with brown muck bubbling up from your sewer’s access pipe into a puddle that sits on the green grass of your yard.

Now imagine it during the heat of summer. Just thinking about the smell should be embarrassing enough to make you want to call in some backup.

5. It Came From Below

This situation will really strike home with you if you have long hair. People tend to shed their hair just as much as animals do, so it always goes somewhere.

One of the most common places for dead hair to be lost is in the bathroom drain. Unfortunately, that hair tends to collect at the trap underneath your drain.

Now, imagine if someone were to be casually rub-a-dub-dubbing in the shower only to have a hairy monster crawl up from the drain. It’s enough to make grown men cry out like babies.

If that unlucky person turns out to be you while there are guests around, then you may have to deal with the rosy red hue of embarrassment for several years.

Don’t Let Faulty Plumbing Ruin Your Life

While some people can get away with neglecting their plumbing for what seems like forever, not everyone is that lucky. One professional that does plumbing in Phoenix has suggested that he's seen it all and then some with embarrassing situations for people who neglect their plumbing for too long. Embarrassing things will happen if you let your plumbing go without routine maintenance and checkups.

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