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10 Loudest and Most Hilarious Barney Frank Outbursts

A tribute to Representative Barney Frank and his ever persistent ability to tell people what he thinks. Here are the top 10:

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  • 1. Barney Frank Confronts Woman At Townhall Comparing Obama To Hitler

  • 2. Classic Bill O'Reilly - Loses it on Barney Frank

  • 3. Barney Frank Pulls Plug On CNBC: "This Interview Is Over!"

  • 4. Barney Frank Smacks Down The Republicans

  • 5. Rep. Michele Bachmann and Chairman Barney Frank Face Off on ACORN Funding

  • 6. Barney Frank to AIG: I can't promise confidentiality even though you're getting death threats

  • 7. Barney Frank kicks Patrick McHenry around the House floor

  • 8. Frank: I Would Not Have Imputed Such Pettiness to the GOP

  • 9. Barney Frank on The Community Reinvestment Act

  • 10. Barney Frank Versus Chris Wallace