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    • marks76

      Right wingers are inauproar now but said nothing when GW Bush started spying on Americans 11 years ago. Issa votes against protection of the press then screams when their lack of protections causesabreach of privacy. Republicans voted against protections for our embassies but scream whenaCIA outpost (not embassy) is attacked. Right wingers then threaten the Presidents children and then claim they are patriotic. Republicans claim that Obama is stomping on our rights but can’t state what rights they have lost. And they conveniently ignore how our last republican president tromped all over our right with wiretaps, email snooping, phone call recording, oh and lying to get us into wars. Obama has reduced the deficit to record lows while Bush wasteda3 trillion dollar surplus and rang up 10 more trillion in debt while never putting the cost of bullshit wars on the books. Hypocrisy reigns over on the GOP so let the bullshit continue.

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