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    16 Political Lessons We Can Learn From Cats

    With apologies to the spoof BuzzFeed tote bag...

    It says it on a bag, so it must be true.

    Jon Stone / Via

    But what are the lessons? Let's see...

    1. Be crafty

    Media Psych Marti / Via

    2. Intimidate opponents

    3. Watch your back

    4. Be independent...

    5. ... but work with colleagues when you have to

    6. Be persistent...

    anselmbe / Via

    7. …. even when out campaigning in bad weather

    8. Be loyal and never forget your helpers

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    http://Vine.0 / Via

    9. It’s important to be photogenic…

    @EmergencyPuppy / Via Twitter: @EmergencyPuppy

    10. … so take good care of your grooming

    Sandy Noto / Via

    11. Grumpy is only rarely a winner…

    Grumpy Cat / Via

    12. … so get your sleep in

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    SuperKittensFTW / Via

    13. Sometimes it’s worth getting on with your sworn enemies...

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    Maplewood Bengals / Via

    14. ...but when you fight, fight to win

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    11Mikelewis / Via

    15. Remember, don't get caught on camera

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    Deedeebx / Via

    16. And when it all goes wrong, run away.

    finnyboy665 / Via

    (Of course if you want some advice from humans instead of cats, there's always 101 Ways To Win An Election.)