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    • markmccarragher

      I live in the UAE. The labors may work long hours during the cooler parts of the year, but during the summer they start when the sun comes up (5am) and stop around noon when it gets really hot. They may make low wages, but it is more then they would of made in their home countries. They are not forced to come here. They come here to make better lives for their families. It is national law that every worker in the UAE is provided by the employer a place to live and medical insurance. They are also required to pay for bi-annual flights back to their home country. The labors are also provided food 3 times a day and water. How are they being exploited? They know what the conditions are here. They also know what the conditions are in their home countries. They wouldn’t be in the UAE by the millions if working here wasn’t better for their families. Get off your high horses and be glad someone is giving them something for free. During this time of year most people carry around water to give out to those having to work outside to make living here as beautiful and clean as it is.

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