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      The overwhelming majority of federal employees would take their walking papers and go to private industry before they would ever commit treason. I believe, far and away, the overwhelming majority of federal civil servants are the same on this. That said, the article makes a statement that should be of some concern as even the tiniest possibility for an increase in treasonous activity should be of concern. While government at all levels should be under the scrutiny of its elected officials the taxpayers voted for to run government and legislate as they’re paid to do, increasingly it doesn’t seem like they’re looking for government reform as much as they’re looking to up-end all of government all together. Sequestration, freezing wages, cutting pensions, slashing budgets … none of these tactics are an effective means of reform, they’re aimed at pulling the rug out from under the institution of civil service so the house of cards collapses on itself all together. If it were about reforming government then Congress would need to do its job and change government one agency at a time, tweaking each to make it more effective. They don’t want more effective government; they simply want it to go away. The real mantra is that private industry should be doing everything the government does and what can’t be done at a profit shouldn’t be done at all. To give you a better grasp think OCP in the sci-fi movie Robocop … private government for lack of a better term. Public government runs w/o a profit motive, “they” have always hated that and we’re at the most opportunistic time in this country’s history where lobbyists are having a huge return on investment into Congress on both sides of the isle. That, and the current perceived apocalyptic deficit/debt, have set up a situation where the majority are lining up for any way to cut spending regardless of the impact. If there was ever a time where the brass ring was within sight it is now. Welcome to a new age where “Omni Consumer Products” could become our new government. Doing what is taking place to federal workers despite the possibilities of things like treason rising … it’s because the end justifies the means for those who have been eying the brass ring since the days before the New Deal.

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