Donald Trump Tweeted About The "Broke" NHS After Nigel Farage Appeared On Fox & Friends

    The tweet came minutes after Farage popped up on American TV.

    On Monday morning, the US president tweeted about a recent London march calling for more government funding of the National Heath Service.

    The Democrats are pushing for Universal HealthCare while thousands of people are marching in the UK because their U…

    It should come as no surprise that the tweet came after former UKIP leader Nigel Farage appeared on the president's favourite TV show Fox & Friends.

    Fox News host Steve Doocy had compared the crowds celebrating Philadelphia's Super Bowl victory to the number of people who took to the streets of London "to demand the government come up with more money for Britain's overburdened national health service - the same system Democrats have continued to push for here in the United States."

    They then called on Nigel Farage to explain why people were taking to the streets.

    "Well the big problem we've got is a population crisis caused by government policy on immigration," Farage said.

    "We have a population of 65 million but it's increasing by half a million people a year. We just haven't got enough hospitals, we haven't got enough doctors, we haven't got enough facilities."

    "The National Health Service has turned into the International Health Service and we're providing a lot of healthcare for people coming into Britain from all over the world. We do need some absolutely fundamental reforms. This system we have was set up in 1948. Surprisingly for a state-run thing for most of the first fifty years the public had great faith in it. Right now it's pretty much at breaking point."

    Farage also warned that if America introduced free universal healthcare then it would never be able to remove the benefits in the future.

    "The big point is that when the state gives benefits to people then any attempt in the future to reform it or take those benefits back becomes politically impossible. That's the big debate that you need to have in America. If you were to introduce universal healthcare, paid for centrally under taxes, you would never ever be able to remove it."

    "Let's be in no doubt we've got a big problem, a really big problem with the NHS."

    The UK government's health secretary Jeremy Hunt took on the president directly, and in public, standing up for the NHS and rebuking his claims.

    British doctors, who are often at odds with the health secretary, were surprised to find themselves agreeing with Hunt.


    I agree with Jeremy 😳

    Hunt was also backed in by the prime minister, who has been criticized in the past for not voicing opposition to President Trump.

    "The prime minister is proud of having an NHS that is free at the point of delivery," the prime minister's spokesperson said. "NHS funding is at a record high and was prioritised in the Budget with an extra £2.8 billion. In the recent Commonwealth Fund international survey, the NHS was rated the best int he world for a second time."

    "Jeremy Hunt is the health secretary and of course he speaks for the government on these matters."

    Trump, who recently denied reports that he watches 4-8 hours of TV every day, went on to thank the TV show for "exposing the truth".

    Thank you to @foxandfriends for exposing the truth. Perhaps that’s why your ratings are soooo much better than your untruthful competition!