The Former Labor Leader Who Spends Quite A Bit Of Time Trolling Women Online

    All under the guise of a sneaky Twitter account.

    In case you forgot... this is Mark Latham.

    He's the former Australian Labor party leader once considered the great working man's hope of bringing down the Howard government.

    You might remember when he aggressively shook the hand of the then PM in 2004.

    On Monday, the current PM's good friend – and most senior transgender military officer in the world – Cate McGregor complained about the Twitter account @RealMarkLatham who had been calling her a "He/She" online.

    As you can see from the above exchange McGregor complained about @RealMarkLatham and was then told by someone the account was a parody.

    Except one thing... it's probably not a parody.

    Let's take you through some of the evidence BuzzFeed News suggests proves that Latham is indeed in control of the Twitter account.

    Point 1: Latham's political and media friends interact with the account.

    Former Victorian premier Jeff Kennett and Sky News broadcaster Paul Murray have both interacted with @RealMarkLatham as if it is indeed, the real Mark Latham.

    Point 2: His employer has linked to his work including the handle.

    The Australian Financial Review's deputy editor Aaron Patrick has tweeted Latham's column using the random "egg" handle.

    BuzzFeed News asked Patrick whether Latham was in control of the account, he replied, "I haven't asked him but based on who he follows it's possible."

    mmmmm... anyway next evidence.

    This one is the kicker.

    Point 3: This tweet which makes several jokes about a trip to see the movie "Birdman" in January this year.

    Saw Birdman last night at Narellan cinema. Crap movie. More close ups than Tara Moss Facebook page. And just as predictable and boring.

    As tweeter Stephen Murray pointed out, on March 7, Latham's column about mental illness was also helpfully about the movie "Birdman".

    The columnist even name-checks the same cinema.

    And delivered the exact same shit joke.

    Point 4: The exact same thing happened two weeks ago. @RealMarkLatham tweeted the same anecdote about the Adam Goodes controversy to several high-profile Australian writers.

    Seven days later, Latham wrote about the Adam Goodes affair in his AFR column.

    And over and over... the content in @RealMarkLatham's tweets were included.

    Even a full quote.

    So think about it... either @RealMarkLatham is him... or the real Mark Latham is stealing anecdotes, quotes and sexist jokes from a parody account in his name. Which would be super bizarre.

    BuzzFeed News understands the Australian Financial Review has been copping a huge number of complaints over his harassment of Australian of the Year Rosie Batty. Latham has targeted Batty in his columns and of course, there's these.

    The account also constantly harasses prominent Australian women in the media. Like Mia Freedman and Annabel Crabb.

    Mia Freedman no different to @annabelcrabb: she has nanny, cleaner plus "Sleep Whisperer" while lecturing suburban mums. Shameless.

    ABC 7:30 host Leigh Sales...

    @leighsales The glorification of drugged out womanising. Is this what feminism really stands for?

    Writer Tara Moss...

    @Tara_Moss Need fewer words, more glam photo shoots on this site pls. Your life 24/7 in Vogue, then lecture suburban mums down your nose

    Journalist Anne Summers...

    @SummersAnne @villagevoice Well done Anne, you've escaped children and the suburbs. Now lecture suburban mums down your nose.

    Channel 9 journalist Lisa Wilkinson and writer Lisa Pryor...

    Count the bourgeois Left feminists who have home-servants: @annabelcrabb Mia Freedman Tara Moss Leigh Sales Lisa Pryor Lisa Wilkinson etc

    Latham's personal vendetta against Pryor has resulted in the writer bringing a defamation suit against the former Labor leader, which is expected to re-appear in court early next year.

    BuzzFeed News has emailed, called and tweeted Mark Latham.

    In the meantime, Latham enjoys notoriety for his weekly columns published in Fairfax's premium newspaper and anonymity on Twitter. Maybe not anymore.