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    The Internet Has Discovered The Attorney General's Signature Looks Like A Mr Squiggle


    Let's get to the very serious news first: Australia's top lawyer, Justin Gleeson, has penned a fiery resignation letter after a sensational fallout with attorney general George Brandis.

    Lukas Coch / AAPIMAGE

    Gleeson, whose job it is to give independent legal advice to ministers and government departments, has been in a battle with Brandis since the election.

    Brandis had told Gleeson he was only to give legal advice with the attorney general's express written permission, which kicked off a very public stoush and led to an appearance in front of a Senate committee.

    On Monday, Gleeson resigned with a letter that didn't hold back, pointing the finger directly at Brandis for their "broken" relationship:

    For the avoidance of any doubt, I also make it perfectly plain that I reject absolutely each and every attack and insinuation that has been made in recent time upon me personally, or upon my office, by Government members of Parliament, including you, in Senate Committee processes.

    Brandis replied with his own letter, accepting the resignation. But one thing... The internet noticed his signature.

    Specifically, it was like some sort of abstract Mr Squiggle challenge.

    In no time it was being compared to a jousting knight.

    In 5 years Brandis' signature has gone from "fairly normal" to "a cartoon drawing of a jousting knight"

    A choo-choo train.

    awesome that our AG has a signature so Mr-Squiggle-able. (it's a choo choo train)

    An elephant.

    A skater doing a sick olly.


    A Picasso.

    A crude dick.

    if you turn brandis' signature upside down it looks like a child tried to crudely draw a dick


    And whatever this is... A camel?

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