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This Newspaper Just Made A Very Unfortunate Mistake Regarding Adam Goodes

Someone is feeling terrible right now.

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Amongst the good news about Swans player Adam Goodes returning to training tomorrow, ABC News NT's chief of staff spotted a very unfortunate error in The Australian's story...specifically that it's not a picture of Adam Goodes.

Dear @australian . This is NOT Adam #Goodes.

It's Lewis Jetta, who famously performed an indigenous war dance to defend team-mate Adam Goodes from the persistent booing from the opposing side's fans.

The Australian, which is well known for its excellent indigenous affairs coverage and broke news about the constitutional recognition stand off earlier in the day, spotted the error and posted a quick apology to Twitter.

@janogibson Our apologies, this mistake has been rectified

This is not the first high-profile case of mistaken identity in Australian newspapers recently. The Age printed a photo of comedian Nazeem Hussain instead of TV presenter Waleed Aly last year.

That exact same mistake happened again this year, leading to many people in the media to question the racial diversity of Australia's entertainment industry.

Hey @NWmag, this is @nazeem_hussain. Not Waleed. #herewegoagain

But there was sympathy for the person who made the mistake. Federal Political Editor Bevan Shields, of The Australian's rival newspaper group, Fairfax, said mistakes happen.

Re @australian/Goodes picture. People/publishing systems make mistakes sometimes. Move on.

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