Scott Morrison Keeps Dropping Taylor Swift Lyrics And He Has Zero Chill

    A big ScoNo.

    Treasurer Scott Morrison attended Taylor Swift's mega-stadium super show on the weekend, tweeting this extremely DAD photo of himself.

    She might not be @tinaarena but getting ready to #shakeitoff with my girls at @taylorswift13 🎤👌🏼

    "DAAAAAAAD" said Morrison's daughters (probably).

    It was immediately seized upon and modernly reinterpreted into a classic meme.

    And some people took it from 0-100 really quickly.

    .@smidgey @BuzzFeedOzPol @MarkDiStef my edit:

    Well it's now Monday and Fairfax Media is reporting Morrison was working with Malcolm Turnbull as far back as February, to dump Tony Abbott as PM. Here was his response to those questions this morning...

    As if these laboured Tay Tay references weren't bad enough, Labor senator Sam Dastyari came in with two truly, deeply groanworthy sledges at Morrison.

    If that wasn't bad enough (it was) then Morrison showed cameras how he was "shaking off" the damaging internal reports.

    It's been more than a year since the Swift classic was released and it's time to find a new relevant pop-cultural reference and...