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People Are Taking Awkward Food Selfies To Show Solidarity With Ed Miliband

Bacon sandwich bashing went a step too far... #JeSuisEd is now here.

The election is going down to the wire and The Sun has made it clear who its supporting. In its final push it brought back that photo of Ed Miliband struggling with a bacon sandwich.

Save our bacon: Keep Ed and his porkies OUT http://t.co/PFHOKe4eOi

Naturally, people were angry, so everyone started posting their awkward food photos. And #JeSuisEd was born.

Because the struggle of eating a sandwich is very real.

@Ed_Miliband We're all with you, buddy. #JeSuisEd

Looking prime ministerial while inhaling a bread-based lunch is tough.

I made food specifically to join in #JeSuisEd

#JeSuisEd has some powerful supporters... like Abby, the founder of the #Milifandom.

Admittedly my last attempt was rather rubbish #JeSuisEd better?

And this woman shoving a Subway sandwich in her mouth.

#jesuisEd me eating spicy Italian sub from @subway @Ed_Miliband #votelabour

Miliband lovers were smashing burgers in solidarity.

#JeSuisEd I was very drunk but still, this photo exists of me on the Internet

Other times it was any old food product laying around the house.

What about booze?! Oh yeah, #JeSuisEd supporters were getting on the wines.

#JeSuisEd I don't like sandwiches 😜

They were pissed off at The Sun.

Labour supporters also apparently love fruit.

No one looks attractive eating. #JeSuisEd #ItIsntJustYouEd


#JeSuisEd (but going for the veggie vote)

... of goodness.

The selfies really do prove no one looks good eating.

No one.

Oh no, not again! Sandwich up the nose. #JeSuisEd

But that doesn't matter because sandwiches are bloody delicious.

Nothing to see here. #SandwichSolidarity #JeSuisEd

And no one deserves to be haunted by a photo from years ago.

The movement looks scrumptious tbh.

#jesuised chip barm goodness #filthySunScum

Even animals look like total dorks eating food.

This cat? Yeah, un-prime ministerial dork.

This guy knows the struggle.

#veggie types can be Ed, too! (I'm vege) Here's a meat-free #JeSuisEd

Others went for a more creative approach.

Will #JeSuisEd be the election clincher and bring good fortunate to Ed?

Look, maybe it will and disgusting food selfies might become ~a thing~.

Because who has time for clean eating? Clearly, not these people.

I'm voting Green tomorrow, but we shouldn't judge politicians by how they eat #JeSuisEd

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