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    Here Are All The Ways Same-Sex Couples Absolutely Rule

    Harder, better, faster, stronger.

    1. Firstly, same-sex couples are ~smarter~ than straight couples.


    According to census data collected in 2011, 42% of people in same-sex couples have bachelor degrees, compared to just 23% of people in opposite-sex couples.

    2. They also more likely to contribute to the economy! Eighty-nine per cent of people in same-sex couples have jobs, compared to just 69% of people in straight couples.

    According to the couples data, the most common occupation among gay men was "retail manager" and for straight men it was "truck driver". For gay women it's "registered nurse" and for straight women it's "general clerk".

    They are also much more likely to be high-flying: Fifty-three per cent of people in same-sex couples are managers or professionals, compared to 40% of people in opposite-sex couples.

    3. Same-sex couples are also richer!

    CBS Television

    Eighteen per cent of men in same-sex couples earned more than $2,000 per week, compared with just 14% of men in straight couples. Meanwhile, women in same-sex couples were nearly three times more likely to earn that amount than women in straight couples.

    4. Same-sex couples are looking fine! (They are younger.)

    Graham Denholm / WireImage

    The average age of people in same-sex couples is 40, while it's 48 for straight couples.

    5. Same-sex couples broaden their horizons.

    The data shows that 63% of same-sex couples moved in the previous five years, compared to just 40% of straight couples.

    6. And same-sex couples actually share the housework!

    ABC TV / Via

    Any way you break it down, same-sex couples are way more likely to share the unpaid domestic work. Lift together!