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    16 Old Liberal Tweets That Are Now Hilarious Because Of The #QandA Boycott

    "The empty chair... confirms that civil war is engulfing Labor coast to coast."

    Tony Abbott's "Q&A boycott" might be one of the more intriguing political moves in recent times, with the PM finally getting a chance to stick it to the ABC.

    ABC Q&A

    Letters released at the end of last week show Abbott fiddling in the affairs of the national broadcaster, demanding the show move from the light entertainment section of ABC, into the news division.

    Until that time, government ministers have been banned from appearing on the program.

    But if you wander through their Twitter timelines the boycott really does seem a little silly.

    1. Like when the foreign minister said Mark Arbib being yanked from the program confirmed "civil war" in the Labor party.

    QandA and the empty chair - J Gillard's intervention to pull Arbib from show confims that civil war is engulfing Labor coast to coast

    2. And communications minister Malcolm Turnbull asking, "why wdnt he show?"

    @MelindaButtle apparently Senator Arbib is not going to show up tonight. I hope that rumour is wrong. Why wdnt he show?

    3. Finance minister Mathias Cormann was just pumped the show would come to his home state back in 2010.

    How fantastic that #qanda has finally made it to WA! Very much looking forward to a good show!

    4. He really enjoyed the show a year later.

    @sandrabrew @myronaldo @fmome @John_Poelwyk Thank you all for your generous feedback. Enjoyed the debate on #qanda tonight!

    5. He's not alone. Government MPs love telling everyone how much they enjoy going on.

    About to go on #qanda. Looking forward to some good qns from the twittersphere!

    6. Because ministers, like environment minister Greg Hunt get to actually talk about policy to a massive audience.

    Keen to be part of the debate on #QandA, and in particular to focus on todays lost manufacturing jobs in part blamed on higher energy costs

    7. Others get to be good role models to women.

    reckons Sophie Mirabella is providing a good role model for young women on #qanda

    8. Or express some views on Mums. (Mums are great tbh.)

    reckons mums are great and Sophie is right on #qanda that they need to be revered

    9. Social services minister Scott Morrison really enjoys watching his colleagues in "new politics debate".

    is enjoying some new politcs debate on #qanda. MT is clearly very comfortable with this type of debate - that's what authenticity is about.

    10. It seems like education minister Christopher Pyne heralds every single one of his many appearances.

    Still time to submit your questions for @QandA tomorrow night. Head to #auspol #qanda

    11. He even encouraged people to come along and join.

    I'll be on #QandA on Monday night. If you’d like to join the live studio audience, register:

    12. Treasurer Joe Hockey got the chance to take audience questions in a special Intergenerational Report edition.

    Looking forward to #QandA tonight as we discuss the #challengeofchange and the IGR.

    13. He was so excited he took a backstage snap.

    On the way into the ABC @QandA studio - looking forward to your questions #qanda

    14. Because government MPs love Q&A.

    Looking forward to being back on @QandA next week - make sure you tune in #auspol #qanda

    15. It gives some of the lesser known MPs a chance to get noticed.

    doing some preparation for my debut on #qanda tonight - any tips from tweeps greatly appreciated!

    16. While others just used the program just to show off.

    I wonder if #qanda wd post Voltaire in the original "Dans ses écrits, un sage Italien Dit que le mieux est l’ennemi du bien"

    Translation: "In his writings, a wise Italian says that the best is the enemy of the good."

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