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Fake Twitter Army That Trolls Renewable Energy Linked To Mining Lobby

The group of new Twitter accounts post links and boost anti-renewable energy content on Twitter.

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Last month, transmission towers across South Australia twisted, contorted, and crashed during a wild storm, bringing down the state's entire power grid, leaving millions in the dark.

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Before the lights were even back on, people opposed to renewable energy were blaming South Australia's heavy reliance on renewable energy for the all-state outage.

Prime minister Malcolm Turnbull said the event should start a national conversation about renewable energy and condemned SA for being "ideological" in its approach.

The independent regulator later found system faults caused nine of the 13 wind farms in the state to go offline, tripping a connector to Victoria and sending the whole of South Australia into the black.

However, if you click through to Gemma's profile, things start getting fishy. The Sydney resident, whose bio was "work hard to shop hard", had joined Twitter that day.

Since then, Gemma has posted exclusively about renewable energy, specifically condemning the Queensland and South Australian governments.


According to her profile, Maddison is a Sydney resident in "HR & recruitment" and an "adrenaline junkie". She joined Twitter in late September and has tweeted exclusively about renewable energy in South Australia and Queensland.


Here's an example of the kind of thing the army of seemingly fake accounts engage in. On the night of the blackout, The Bolt Report had a guest who speculated the power would have stayed on without renewable energy.


A spokesperson for the WA Chamber of Minerals and Energy denied it paid for a group of fake, coordinated Twitter accounts to push an anti-renewable agenda.

"CMEWA will investigate the accounts mentioned," said the spokesperson.

BuzzFeed News has also asked the Bangladeshi copy editor for comment.

UPDATE Monday 1230AEST: The CMEWA responded to the BuzzFeed News investigation by denying it was linked to the anti-renewable accounts and deleting its @CMEWA_Eastern Twitter account.

"Claims that the WA CME is linked to the creation and activity of fake Twitter accounts are completely false," read a statement from a CME spokesperson.

"The CME have deactivated the Twitter account in question until the issue has been resolved."

A spokesperson suggested the mining lobby group had been targeted with fake followers, despite the new accounts all spreading a pro-coal mining, anti-renewable message.

Along with the deletion of the @CMEWA_Eastern account, all the accounts disappeared within hours of the story being published.

Here is a list:

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