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15 Reasons Shane Watson Should Stay Off The Internet For A Few Days

"I don't always eat fruit... but when I do it's plum."

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This is Shane Watson. He's an Australian cricket player and is probably the biggest frustration in world sport.

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Watson was found LBW in the second innings of the first Ashes test against England in Cardiff on the weekend. Like many times in his career he incorrectly reviewed the decision with the third umpire.

It was the 14th LBW-dismissal against England for the ridiculously talented all-rounder who has now become an Australian laughing stock.

1. A lot of people want him dropped.

The Sydney Morning Herald

2. You know if he was, he'd review it.

3. Cricket brings out the best in Australia's sports writers.

@Peter_Fitz and there's this in regards to Shane Watson

4. It also brings out the best in the meme makers.

5. They are slashing through the covers.

6. Trapping him right in the middle.

7. Bowling full, outside off stump.

Note front pad is well out of the way

8. Getting through the new ball.

Good work to the meme artist who concocted this #ashes

9. Finding some very good areas.

10. Right in the blockhole.

Definition of insanity, repeatedly doing the same thing but expecting different results @BumbleCricket #shanewatson

11. A beautiful French cut.

12. Stumped.

13. Finding the corridor of uncertainty.

14. A lovely full toss.

15. Just maybe Shane Watson should refrain from opening the internet for a few days.

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