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John Howard's Reaction To Australia's Greatest Meme Is Classic Howard

Australia's greatest meme meets its inspiration.

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In the history of Australia's internet culture, one meme stands head and shoulders above the rest, that is, this piece of art known as "Howard DJs Like A Mad Cunt".

Last year, we tracked down the tradie/artist Matt Adams who scribbled the DJ gear on the former prime minister in 2007.


At the time we tried to contact Howard but could not get hold of him... UNTIL NOW!

During Howard's press tour for his upcoming ABC documentary on the life of Robert Menzies, we asked Howard if he'd seen the meme.

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Here's the transcript:

BuzzFeed News: There’s a very famous picture of you on the internet from question time when you were prime minister where someone has drawn you as a DJ with headphones on it, I was wondering whether you’d ever seen that picture?

Howard: Oh… I can’t remember. Sorry.

BuzzFeed News: What it was is a photo of you in question time which was printed in a newspaper and someo-

Howard: Look i’m sorry I may or may not have seen it i just don’t remember if I’ve seen it.

There you go. He may or may not have seen it. He just doesn't remember. Classic Howard.

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