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    Female MPs Express Absolute Disgust At Prime Minister's "Rapist" Comment

    Calls grow louder for John Key to withdraw and apologise for suggesting the opposition supports "rapists".

    A group of New Zealand MPs, among them victims of sexual violence, have walked out of parliament in disgust after prime minister John Key claimed Labour supports "rapists".

    Some of the MPs who said they were victims of sexual assault say they've never said it publicly before

    Key made the comments on Tuesday during an angry attack on Labour MP Kelvin Davis, who he claimed was supporting "rapists" and "child molesters" detained on Christmas Island.

    Davis has spent the last few weeks advocating on behalf of those locked up in the island detention centre, which is operated by the Australian government.

    Among the detainees are convicted criminals who've served sentences and are awaiting deportation back to New Zealand.

    "Some of them are rapists, some of them are child molesters, and some of them are murderers," said Key yesterday.

    "If you want to put yourself on the side of sex offenders, go ahead my son!"

    So when parliament resumed on Wednesday, female MPs tried to get the Speaker to force Key to apologise.

    In a powerful display, MPs across the chamber stood one by one making points of order, including several who tried to share their experience of sexual violence.

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    It prompted the Speaker to kick some of them out. Several others followed and gathered outside parliament to condemn Key and his refusal to withdraw.

    Some of the MPs who have walked out of Parliament over Key's disgraceful comments & the Speaker's ruling

    "It's not an easy thing to do to make those disclosures in a very public way, so we are calling on the Government and the Speaker to urge the Prime Minister to do the right thing," said Labour MP Poto Williams according to the NZ Herald.

    The MPs said it was a sad day for New Zealand.

    My heart aches for anyone who has suffered a sexual assault in our country. Your women MPs were ejected from parliament today 4 speaking out

    With others joining in solidarity.

    I'm offended by @johnkeypm and his disgraceful remarks in the house today. So are many of my colleagues. That's why I have left #nzqt today

    The PMs comments in the House of Parliament in NZ was personally offensive. I walked out of Parliament with other colleagues again today!

    And opposition MPs are not backing down.

    It took tremendous courageous to disclose our deepest hurts in the house today, The PM must apologise #nzqt

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