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    Here’s What Australia’s Nationalist Right Is Saying About Trump’s Potential Victory

    "Make Australia Great Again".

    George Christensen, a right wing MP in the Australian federal government, smirked and smiled during Question Time as he updated his Twitter feed and watched US presidential results come in.

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    Christensen has been one of the most prominent right wing voices in the moderate Liberal government since July's federal election, taking credit for key policies and gaining the nickname "prime minister Christensen" from the opposition Labor party.

    On Wednesday, as Donald Trump's election looked more and more certain, Christensen walked out of the parliament mocking his detractors, waving around a Donald Trump book.

    "[The close result] shows there's a need for new type of conservatism in this country," Christensen told BuzzFeed News. "One that's driven by nationalism and pursuing what's in the nation's best interest, including with trade deals and international agreements."

    The US election results have already emboldened right wing political groups in Australia, who have been in public conflict with the more moderate prime minister Malcolm Turnbull since his shaky election win earlier this year.

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    Turnbull, gazing at his iPhone alongside foreign minister Julie Bishop in parliament on Wednesday, looked exasperated as he scrolled through the results.

    Christensen said the government must heed the warning call from Trump's election, as well as from Brexit earlier this year, and claimed that conservatism should be "less caught up in free market ideology".

    "People are wanting solutions to problems that politicians simply shrug their shoulders about: Petrol prices, power prices, foreign ownership, radical Islam, boarder security."

    Pauline Hanson, the leader of a key right-wing nationalist party in Australia's Senate, couldn't hide her happiness at the probable result.

    @realDonaldTrump Mr President my door will always be open. Congrats on behalf of Pauline Hanson's One Nation Party of OZ. #MAGA #auspol

    "Mr President my door will always be open. Congrats on behalf of Pauline Hanson's One Nation Party of OZ," she tweeted.

    Earlier this year, Hanson claimed Australia was being "swamped by Muslims" and drew widespread condemnation from politicians from all sides.

    Christensen has praised Hanson in the past for speaking out against "political correctness" — another favourite cause of the Trump campaign.

    "People don’t want this political correctness crap anymore. There is nothing wrong with being a patriot," he said.

    The Trump cause has also been boosted by another conservative government MP in recent months: Cory Bernardi. Bernardi has set up a new "Australian Conservatives" group to mobilise what he claims is the "silent majority".

    Speaking to BuzzFeed News from the United Nations in New York, where he is on a three-month secondment, Bernardi said he felt vindicated by the results.

    "If he wins it means I was right," Bernardi said, referring to the protracted battles he's had with the Liberal party on immigration and gay marriage in the past.

    "And if he loses the battle has just begun."

    Mark Di Stefano is a media and politics correspondent for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.

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