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Australia Picked "Harmony Day" To Debate Overhauling The Country's Race Hate Laws

I'm screaming.

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It's also known as "Harmony Day" in Australia, which according to the government is a "celebration of our cultural diversity – a day of cultural respect for everyone who calls Australia home".


Today the Coalition partyroom will reportedly debate taking out the words "insult, offend and humiliate" from the Racial Discrimination Act's section 18C and replacing them with the word "harass".

#BREAKING Cabinet has settled on proposal to replace INSULT, OFFEND + HUMILIATE with HARASS #18c #auspol

The proposal has vocal support among the party's far right, but many Liberal moderates who represent marginal seats with large ethnic communities are very worried.

Even if the changes pass the House of Representatives (there's reportedly been talk of Liberal MPs crossing the floor to vote against them), key Senate crossbencher Nick Xenophon has suggested he won't support it.

Without Xenophon and his team of senators, the 18C changes are doomed to fail.

Regardless, at least all this vigorous and spirited debate will be happening today.

Welcome to the "International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination". Seriously. YOU CAN'T SCRIPT THIS.


It's Harmony Day + the parliament is debating whether to make laws preventing racially motivated hate speech a bit…

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