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The Greatest Photo In Aussie Mateship History

"Now I've seen it all."

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UPDATE: Three time world champion Mick Fanning has posted an awesome tribute to his mate, Julian Wilson who helped him escape a shark attack during a live TV broadcast.

The touching surfer-on-surfer man-love was captured in South Africa.

Kirstin Scholtz/WSL

Until the insane shark incident at Jeffreys Bay on Sunday, Fanning and Wilson were fighting for the world title and ranked number two and three in the world.

But Fanning said it's all been put into perspective: "I'm happy to not even compete ever again. Seriously, to walk away from that, I'm just so stoked."

Kirstin Scholtz/WSL
Kirstin Scholtz/WSL

Wilson paddled towards Fanning to help him get away from the shark as it attacked him. The 26-year-old teared up when talking about it on shore.

Facebook: video.php

"I saw the whole thing and saw he got knocked off his board, and then a little wave popped up and I was like, 'Oh, he's gone...he's gone under,'" said Wilson.

"I felt like I couldn't get there quick enough."

Footage of the shark encounter has rocked the surfing world and shocked every person who has ever entered the water.

The World Surfing League cancelled the event in the wake of the incident. Fanning's mother, Elizabeth Osbourne said she feared the worst, "I just thought when that wave came that he'd gone, but then everything was alright."

Kirstin Scholtz/WSL

Photos in the aftermath of the attack show the closeknit surfing community rallying around the three time world champion.

Surfing legend Kelly Slater was on hand and said, "Now I have seen it all. Once he gets past this scare and the fear of it, he's going to laugh. It will be really well talked about. In 20 years we're going to be talking about this day."

Kirstin Scholtz/WSL

But Julian Wilson's post about his mate still stands as the most touching tribute from a horrifying day.

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