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43 Straightforward Reasons Adam Goodes Is A Bloody Legend

Cheer cheer, Adam Goodes.

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1. Even though there's been some disgraceful booing of Adam Goodes in recent years it's pretty apparent that he's one of the greatest Australians of his generation. Like for a lot of his 365 games he's been heavily tagged.


34. He then spoke some hard truths that Australians needed to hear. "It takes courage to tell the truth, no matter how unpopular those truths may be. But it also takes courage to face up to our past," he wrote after seeing the documentary, "Utopia".

35. "That process starts with understanding our very dark past, a brutal history of dispossession, theft and slaughter." There was some vicious backlash amongst some part of the media and Goodes didn't back down.

39. In June this year Goodesy performed a wicked war dance to celebrate a goal. Some Australians went crazy but most were just loving the display of a proud Aboriginal man.

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