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The Budget Date Was Changed And Clearly Nobody Told The Treasurer

"We're preparing for May 10, Ray. I can't be clearer."

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But clearly Treasurer Scott Morrison had absolutely no idea what was going on. Let's check the receipts...


9:22 AM: Treasurer Scott Morrison appeared on 2GB radio and embarrassingly had NFI that the date for the budget had already been changed.

Hadley: "These very important bills in relation to holding unions accountable. What's going to happen to them?"

Morrison: "Well they are going to have an opportunity when we come back in a month or so time. We're due to come back on the 10th I think it is."

Hadley: "Well it might be the 3rd! It might be the 3rd, Treasurer. You seem to be a little bit hesitant there, you seem to be searching for that date. You were searching for the date Scott."

Morrison: "May 10! May 10!"

Even Ray Hadley appeared to know more about what was going on behind Morrison's back.

Hadley: "I know you're not going to tell me but I just have this sneaking suspicion that we're going to get a budget a bit earlier when we thought."

Morrison: "We're preparing for May 10, Ray. I can't be clearer."


10:17 AM: Less than an hour later, an alert is issued to the media announcing the press conference.


"At the cabinet meeting this morning at 10," he replied.

"Previously people asked me what day is the Budget, May 10, that's what it was until I was advised this morning that it will be on May 3," he said.

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