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This Military Veteran Had The Perfect Response To Flag Burning

"Oh and this is my match, in my hand, setting fire to my 2c Chinese made Australian flag, while I took the photo, on Australia Day."

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Australian government MP George Christensen has introduced a bill to parliament that would see people who desecrated the Aussie flag sent to jail for one month.

Christensen, pictured here attending a far-right wing Reclaim Australia rally last year, wants to completely ban the burning, damaging, defacing and trampling of the flag, calling it a "hate crime" against Australia.

Jeff Tan / NEWZULU

Currently there's no law outlawing desecration of the Aussie flag. For example, people are more than welcome to turn it into hideous shirts.

George Christensen is currently introducing a private members bill to 'protect the integrity of the Australian flag'

And some questioned whether Christensen had broken his own laws before they had even been introduced to the parliament, by tweeting out this image.

About to introduce my private member's bill to end the hate crime against Aussies that is burning our flag. #auspol

But Doug Steley, a former airman who comes from a large military family, posted this letter to the MP on Facebook, calling him a "pasty faced coward".

Doug said that he and many other Australians have fought for a country that "protects freedoms not removes them". He then included a little picture.

With this final burn 🔥🔥🔥

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