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This Breastfeeding Mother Was Forcibly Dragged By Police From A Refugee Protest

Critics claim the woman put her 22-month-old son in danger.

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She was part of the Friends, Families and Feminists Against Detention group, which held a "Pram Jam" at the offices on Wednesday to highlight the plight of Somali refugee Abyan, who is in Australia to receive an abortion.

"I took my 22-month-old son Manny to a protest. ... I was breastfeeding him when the police came to remove us, and I continued while they carried me out," she told BuzzFeed News in a statement.


The group's main objective was to speak out for Abyan, who was allegedly raped on Nauru and has come to Australia for an abortion. BuzzFeed News has learned that the Somali refugee is in an Australian hospital being provided with care.

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"Jill" said Abyan's situation puts being carried out by police while breastfeeding into perspective.

"If that means breastfeeding while being carried out of a public service building by police, so be it!" she said.

"There are far worse things going on in detention camps!"

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