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The Viral "Don't Touch Me" Vine Is Actually A Heartwarming Story

"Don't touch me!"

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But then Bill Shorten's office called media outlets when they saw the viral moment being shared around Facebook and Twitter at the leader's expense.

A spokesperson said the Batman-voiced boy in the video is autistic and they were upset the moment was being used against them. ABC News pretty promptly deleted the Vine.

Egg was on several people's faces. It was not a proud moment for the internet as people were using it as more evidence Shorten is terrible with members of the general public.

2/2 I also apologize for my involvement in bringing light to it.

He is now in remission. That doesn't mean he is cured it just means so far the Leukemia is undetectable. The day he was diagnosed we were told we were being flown to Hobart, three and a half hours away for four to six wks treatment. Trystan failed to respond to that treatment so we actually ended up staying 12 whole months in Hobart separated from our family.
One never knows how he will react to certain situations and his moods can change more than the weather. That "don't touch me" moment was actually a really friendly and engaging personal moment for Trystan as he either likes you and will engage, or he hates you and will scream at you and hide his face.So yes, he certainly did like meeting Bill and wanted to engage in his trusty role play with him!When Bill came to our home afterwards Trystan made even better friends with him by asking to wear his suit jacket and Bill obliged.

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