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21 Australians Who Seriously Cannot Deal With The Government On Marriage Equality

The coalition government shut down a free vote to decide whether Australia should be granted marriage equality.

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1. On Tuesday night (yet again) Australia's government delayed marriage equality legislation by shutting down a free vote for MPs. The opposition leader was angry at the prime minister.

Australia stuck in the past under @TonyAbbottMHR - It's time for #MarriageEquality

2. The conservative PM Tony Abbott forced the issue to come to a head within his party and two-thirds rejected moving forward. Greens MP Sarah Hanson-Young was incensed.

Abbott's marriage breakdown. He's let down the country, the parliament and beliefs. He's out of touch and out of time #MarriageEquality

3. Because Australia remains one of the very last countries in the English-speaking Western world to get with the times.

LNP: Who holds back marriage for the gays? Who thinks equality is just a phase? We do, we do #marriageequality

4. Some people were pointing out that the Liberal party's name suggested they should let their MPs vote with their hearts.

Hey, that word 'Liberal', I don't think it means what you think it means, Tony. #auspol #MarriageEquality @auslibdems @DavidLeyonhjelm


5. The whole situation got people really upset.

I consider myself fairly mentally robust, but this really gets me down. I can’t imagine the damage it could do to anyone less confident.

6. And angry.

Inside the Coalition party room right now: #MarriageEquality

7. Really bloody pissed off, tbh.

8. There was bucketloads of anger directed at the PM.

#marriageequality #tonyabbott @TonyAbbottMHR


9. It drove some people to consider some comfort eating.

The #MarriageEquaility outcome is so sad it makes me want to comfort eat a whole gay wedding cake.

10. And there were snarky tweets at anti-marriage-equality campaigners.

Congratulations Christian bakers. Your buns are safe... for now. #marriageequality #auspol

11. But really it was all about Tony Abbott.

BREAKING: Photo of Tony Abbott after being struck by the tip of the iceberg.

12. Just how everyone was super confused about what had happened.

The shorter Tony Abbott on #MarriageEquality : #auspol


13. There were memes.

#DarkAges #TonyAbbott #MarriageEquaility

14. Solid memes.

#MarriageEquaility #auspol @TonyAbbottMHR

15. Poor Tony got savaged.

@TonyAbbottMHR #TonyAbbott #worstPMever #AUSpol

16. Because what about his sister who is gay and wants to get married??

@petertaggart Tony Abbott when asked about his gay sister...


17. Yeah, see ya.

18. A year out from an election, Abbott seemed in survival mode.

19. At the end of the day, some people stayed hopeful.

What are you so afraid of, @TonyAbbottMHR?

20. There was a sense that there would be revenge.

21. And history would be on their side.

In 20 years time we will be looking back at this moment and asking ourselves what the hell took them so long? #auspol #MarriageEquality

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