Government Finally Passes Signature Legislation Then Immediately Loses Vote On Different Legislation

    A rose of crowns!

    The federal government's signature ABCC legislation, which acted as the trigger for this year's historic double dissolution, has finally passed the Senate.

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    The building watchdog, which was scrapped by the former Labor government, was reinstated on Wednesday after passing the Senate 36-33.

    Great news for small businesses, taxpayers & our economy #auspol #abcc

    Despite initially being introduced by the former Abbott government back in 2014, the government finally got its signature legislation with the votes of One Nation, the Xenophon Team, Victorian senator Derryn Hinch, and Liberal Democrat David Leyonhjelm.

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    So it's a massive day for the gove– WAIT UP WAIT UP WAIT UP.

    Then Labor sneakily moved an amendment to the government's 15% backpacker tax, proposing that it actually should be 10.5%. And it passed!

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    The opposition corralled the Senate's chaotic crossbench to essentially shoot down the legislation, which everyone thought was a done deal.

    Hinch has sided with Labor - after consistently stating he backed 19 per cent, then 15 per cent #auspol #backpackertax

    "The government has lost control of this debate, they've lost control of the parliament, farmers are paying the price for this chaos," said Labor's Chris Bowen.

    He said the tax rate for backpackers who come to Australia to pick fruit should be 10.5% to remain "competitive with New Zealand".

    Finance minister Mathias Cormann absolutely lost it.

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    He said Labor would wear the backpacker tax issue like a "rose of crowns".

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    That's right. A rose. Of crowns.

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