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This Metal Sculpture Is Supposed To Be A Cloud But It's Actually A Massive Penis

Flight of the wang.

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Melbourne radio station, ABC 774 was excited to interview artist Gregor Kregar about the big steel gnome that was soon going to be installed in the city.

There is a giant #gnome about to be unveiled on #PeninsulaLink. We chat to the sculptor Gregor Kregar after 1pm

To let everyone know about it they posted another of Kregar's works, "Transit Cloud". The aluminum art hangs near an Auckland train station in New Zealand.

on NOW - Artist Gregor Kregar who has created the #giantgnome. This one by Gregor is called "Transit Cloud'

And well... every single person who tweeted back had the exact same thought.

@774melbourne Think he is having you on .

@774melbourne That's a penis, silly! Don't we have enough already? Huh?

@774melbourne really. Because that is *not* what it resembles...

. @774melbourne Looks like a giant knob! 😜

@774melbourne @bencubby it's very tastefully erected

@774melbourne Isn't there a game #Iseepenis?

There were comparisons to other phallic installations.

.@774melbourne did he happen to design Newcastle's gift to Queen Elizabeth too?

Some were irate.

@774melbourne See this is where art loses credibility...that's a dick! And it's called what?? Come on people get real!!!

Others weren't.

@774melbourne Is that what it is? I thought it was something else. Must be the angle of the shot., How much did this erection cost?

The sculpture of the flying penis cost Auckland council $200,000 and unsurprisingly it's caused quite the public flap.

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