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    You Can Blame Life's Biggest Problems On Renewable Energy Now

    No but seriously, why are there no forks in the work kitchen? Like, we just bought extra forks.

    A whole state in Australia lost power on Wednesday, after wild weather brought down 22 transmission towers. Here's some of the carnage.

    We found four or five electricity pylons near Melrose that collapsed in fierce winds. Today's conditions in Mid Nor…

    Suddenly, politicians started blaming the catastrophic blackout on South Australia's renewable energy sector, which powers about 40% of the state.

    the power outage in south australia #stuffwecanblameonrenewables

    One energy sector expert literally laughed at the suggestion. So people started blaming other stuff on renewable energy, too.

    Because if clean energy can cause the blackout, it could have caused my headache.

    Feeling hungover after two glasses of wine #stuffwecanblameonrenewables

    Or the mighty Port Adelaide Power... oh... I see what you did there :golf claps:

    The reason my footy team @PAFC missed the finals again... Need more Power! (See what I did there?) #stuffwecanblameonrenewables

    Mmmmm makes you think.

    Breaking news: new evidence shows that JFK was shot by a solar panel. #stuffwecanblameonrenewables


    the lack of sunlight today - obviously the solar panels are stealing all our sunlight #stuffwecanblameonrenewables

    Seriously though, who is taking all the forks?

    There are never any forks at work #stuffwecanblameonrenewables

    What if this renewable thing catches on with the politicians?

    #stuffwecanblameonrenewables Migrants taking our jobs while (simultaneously) bludging on the dole.

    How far back can we go?

    6 school girls and their teacher kidnapped from Hanging Rock by rogue wind turbine. #stuffwecanblameonrenewables

    This is a real disaster tbh.

    Ran out of chicken nuggets. #stuffwecanblameonrenewables


    I bit my lips eating a hamburger and now it's bleeding #stuffwecanblameonrenewables


    toast landing buttered side down #stuffwecanblameonrenewables

    Renewable energy, what hasn't it taken from us?

    The untimely death of Harambe #stuffwecanblameonrenewables

    Mark Di Stefano is a media and politics correspondent for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.

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