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13 Times John Clarke Was The Greatest Satirist In Politics

RIP John Clarke.

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1. The beloved comedian appeared in so many wonderful sketches, where to start?! OK, start here... the honest used car salesman who can't help but tell the truth about a shitty car.

2. There was this one with the NT senator arguing about the "untypical" oil tanker's front which "fell off".

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3. There were low key, brilliant moments with his partner Bryan Dawe, many involving ridiculous names.

4. In fact Clarke & Dawe's Q&As exposed how deeply ridiculous serious political scandals actually were. Like this amazing bit about asylum seekers.

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5. On the financial crisis, Clarke played a banker...

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6. ... and was able to reveal the truth at the heart of things.

7. There was also the one about the dead whale that Clarke insisted "died of old age" in an area in which seismic testing takes place.

8. Never forget the comedy series The Games. It was a bloody hilarious mockumentary about Sydney's Olympic preparations.

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9. Like when Clarke explained to Dawe why the 100m track couldn't be shaped in a circle like the 400m track.

10. Clarke's deadpan imitations of Australian politicians often descended into the absurd.

11. There was also Clarke's long-running commentary and monologues about the made-up sport "farnarkling".

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12. Clarke as a newspaper editor explaining the situation involving model Lara Bingle and cricketer Michael Clarke was a masterpiece.

13. In the last few weeks Clarke skewered the government's "pub test", leadership issues and electricity crisis. RIP John Clarke, politics won't be the same.

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