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    26 More Reasons To Love Minnesota

    Lakes. Bob Dylan. Post-its. It's no wonder we Minnesotans are proud to call the North Star State home.

    1. Minnesota is the land of 10,000 lakes.


    (11,842 to be exact).

    2. We have the nation's first shopping mall (Southdale) and also the biggest (the Mall of America.)

    3. Dreaming of a White Christmas?


    We've got you covered.

    4. Superbowl LII is coming to Minneapolis in 2018!


    Minnesota last hosted a Super Bowl in 1992.

    5. Minnesota became the 12th state to enact the freedom to marry for all families.

    Via Facebook: MN4allfamilies

    Governor Mark Dayton signed the freedom to marry into law on May 14, 2013, just six months after Minnesota became the first state to ever defeat an anti-marriage amendment.

    6. Post-it notes were invented by 3M, a Minnesota company (by accident).


    While trying to create a strong adhesive, a researcher created a weaker substance that could be pulled off easily without leaving a mark. Years later, a colleague used it to mark his place in his choir hymn book - and the rest, as they say, is history.

    7. Established in Minnesota 150 years ago, the Mayo Clinic may be on the verge of curing cancer.

    8. Minnesota is the 3rd-healthiest state...


    and Minneapolis was named the fittest city in the U.S.

    9. Minnesota is ranked third among the happiest states.

    10. We're ranked in the top-10 states for smarts.

    Via Facebook: UofMN

    32.4% of residents 25 or older have at least bachelor’s degree or higher.

    11. Because college is affordable.


    Under a two-year tuition freeze bill signed by Governor Dayton, higher education is now more affordable for thousands of Minnesotan students and their families.

    12. We have the 5th fastest growing economy in the U.S.


    ...and one of the lowest unemployment rates, ranking 11th nationally.

    13. The minimum wage in Minnesota is now among the highest in the nation.


    On April 14, 2014, Governor Dayton signed into law a dramatic increase in the state’s minimum wage, giving raises to more than 325,000 Minnesotans.

    14. We turned a $6 billion dollar deficit into a $1.2 billion dollar surplus!

    15. The first Target store opened its doors in Roseville, Minn. in 1962.

    16. Our state parks rule.


    Every year, roughly 8 million people visit one of Minnesota's 76 parks and recreation areas, with 1,030 miles of hiking trails and over 227,000 acres to explore.

    17. Bob Dylan was born in Minnesota. So was Prince.

    18. Garrison Keillor: Minnesota's favorite son.


    The host of the widely-popular radio variety show, A Prairie Home Companion, hails from Anoka, Minnesota, graduated from the University of Minnesota, and now lives in St. Paul.

    19. That cake you're craving? You have Betty Crocker and Pillsbury to thank - both Minnesotans.


    Becky Crocker was inspired by home economist Marjorie Husted of Minneapolis. The Pillsbury Company was named after Minneapolis flour miller, Charles Alfred Pillsbury.

    20. All the best breakfast cereals are from General Mills.


    General Mills headquarters are based in Golden Valley, Minn.

    21. High schoolers around the country read The Great Gatsby every year....


    (written by St. Paul native, F. Scott Fitzgerald).

    22. The Coen Brothers: Minnesota natives.


    Fargo and A Serious Man were both shot in the North Star State.

    23. Butter Sculptures and the State Fair.


    Every year, Princess Kay of the Milky Way gets her image sculpted out of butter at the Minnesota State Fair - which also happens to be the best in the country.

    24. Minnesota is home to the BIGGEST BALL OF TWINE in the world!


    8.7 tons, 11 feet, and 40 feet in diameter.

    25. The Eagle Cam


    Live from a bald eagle's nest perched high in a tree in the Twin Cities!

    26. And finally, there's no place like home (Minnesota).


    Dorothy (Judy Garland) was born in Grand Rapids, Minn. in 1922.

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