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13 Things In Malaysia That Make Filipinos Think Of Home

Kota Raya, chickensaya, and Be Careful With My Heart.

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According to the latest data from the Commission on Filipinos Overseas, there are nearly 800,000 Filipinos who are working in Malaysia. These OFWs have jobs in industries like retail, technology, manufacturing, and entertainment.

Commission on Filipinos Overseas / Via

And although Malaysia is near the Philippines, these OFWs still feel homesick, more so if they see these things and places that remind them of home.

1. Kota Raya!

Facebook: Lampu Gasolin / Via

Kota Raya is a shopping complex in Malaysia's Chinatown that's lovingly called Little Philippines. Filipinos hang out here on their day off to meet their kababayans (countrymen), and to visit shops manned by other Pinoys.

2. Shopping for Filipino food, obviously.

Instagram: sharam_dara08 / Via Instagram: @sharam_dara08

Kota Raya is also the place where Filipinos can fulfil their craving for Filipino food products, like banana catsup, Mang Tomas, and liquid seasoning.

3. Shopping for other Filipino products too.

Those looking to fix broken powder makeup + sterilise can get 70% alcohol at a pinoy store in kotaraya @twt_makeupmy

Twitter: @MambangStory / Via Twitter: @MambangStory

Kota Raya is also home for other Filipino products that we grew up with, like local brands of rubbing alcohol and maxi pads.

4. Eating at Laguna Filipino Bar & Restaurant.

Facebook: Laguna Filipino Bar & Restaurant / Via

This restaurant in Petaling Jaya offers boodle fights that include Filipino favorites like ginisang munggo, lumpia, and pansit.

5. And having Laguna's spaghetti and chickensaya.

Facebook: Laguna Filipino Bar & Restaurant / Via Facebook: lagunamabuhaypj

There's no Jollibee in Malaysia, so Filipinos who miss the bee's famous Jolly Spaghetti and Chickenjoy troop over to Laguna to taste their spaghetti and fried chicken. Tastes like the real thing.

6. Or having dinner at The Narra.

Facebook: The Narra, Filipino Resto Lounge / Via Facebook: thenarraresto

The Narra is another Filipino restaurant in Petaling Jaya, and it's popular for its silog and combo meals.

7. Hanging out during The Narra's musical nights.

Facebook: The Narra, Filipino Resto Lounge / Via Facebook: video.php

The Narra also hosts live performances of Filipino music for Pinoys who miss hearing their favorite OPM.

8. Grabbing a bite at CalleVerde.

Facebook: CalleVerde / Via Facebook: calleverdecafe

Then there's CalleVerde in Malaysia's Chinatown, which offers a fusion of Filipino and Western food. Their Filipino desserts also give a taste of home for any Pinoy with a sweet tooth.

9. And a gaggle of other eateries too.

Instagram: @rgg900sz / Via

"Eat My Pinoy GF Resto" 🙊

10. Watching lots of Filipino teleseryes.

Filipino teleseryes have aired on Malaysian television. One of them was ABS-CBN's Be Careful With My Heart, which became a certified hit there in 2014.

Filipino teleseryes have aired on Malaysian television. One of them was ABS-CBN's Be Careful With My Heart, which became a certified hit there in 2014.

11. Keeping up with Filipino celebrities.

Instagram: thedongyanatics / Via Instagram: @thedongyanatics

Because Filipino teleseryes are hits in Malaysia, its stars gain their own fans there. Marian Rivera, for example, became famous after her hit teleserye aired in Malaysia in 2011.

12. Seeing talented Filipino artists who make it in Malaysia.

{A pinoy singer in Malaysia 🌷} A fortnight ago was Mark Adam's (A pinoy singer) auspicious day when he won the 1st place in Bintang Bersama Bintang (Star with Star ; A reality show). He won RM100k = 1,328,597.81PHP — A thread, just to share the happiness with the other fils💕

Twitter: @imhyeonsikk / Via Twitter: @imhyeonsikk

Cebuano singer Mark Adam won the reality show Bintang Bersama Bintang last March and took home more than a million pesos.

13. And, naturally, being in a community with fellow Filipinos!

Instagram: @rodmagat14 / Via

Of course, Filipinos are reminded of home when they see fellow Filipinos. There's something comforting about being able to connect by using the same language, gestures and culture. You feel close right away even if you are total strangers.

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