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    74 Thoughts Filipinos Have If They're New To Mountain Climbing

    "Malayo pa ba?"

    1. It's soooo early!

    2. Seriously, should I get up now?

    3. OK, gising na. I don't want to miss the 3AM meetup.

    4. Anyway, the climb organizer said we should be early so we can witness sunrise at the peak.

    5. Oh my gosh I am sooo excited.

    6. But I'm still sleepy. 0_0

    7. I should take a bath in cold water. I bet that would wake me up.

    8. Brrrr why did I think is a good idea? Ang ginaw!

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    9. Quick dress up. Buti na lang naka-prepare na yung outfit ko.

    10. And good thing I already packed my hiking bag last night with the needed supplies: flashlight, gloves, extra clothes, towel, powerbank for my phone, trail snacks and lots of water.

    11. But did I bring everything? I'll check again to be sure, while waiting for the Uber.

    12. Isa pa nga? Hirap talaga 'pag OC. But okay nang mag-check uli baka may makalimutan. Matagal pa naman yung Uber.

    13. I'm now in the Uber and I remember I left my sunscreen. How dumb. This climb isn't going well already.

    14. Uber just dropped me off at our meetup place at a McDonald's and I'm the only one here? Is everyone late?

    15. 15 minutes na kong naghihintay. Maybe I should back-out?

    16. Oh but they are here! Why are you late? How could you do this to me?

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    17. Our rented van is here too! It's a two-hour drive to the start of the trail so I should be able to catch up on some sleep.

    18. The van is now moving and I want to take a nap but the other passengers won't stop talking.



    21. I know we're all excited and all that, but maybe we should reserve some energy for the climb?

    22. An hour in and I'm still wide awake. I'm already thinking of killing you all, you know that?

    23. Maybe I should drop you all off a cliff later.

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    24. We're already here at the foot of the mountain? Ang bilis magmaneho nung driver. Huhuhu.

    25. Okay, quick breakfast while the organizer is securing our permits and finding a guide. Sarap ng lugaw ha?

    26. Our guide is named Totoy. Hipon but ang ganda ng biceps. Parang pwedeng maglambitin.

    27. Tama na muna yung lande. 5AM na at aakyat na tayo.

    28. Here we go! Hype hype hype.

    29. Wow this is easy! It's so fun.

    30. Why is it raining?


    32. What do you mean continue, Totoy? You're joking right?

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    33. Oh, you're totally serious? Why?

    34. Now the trail is so muddy and slippery. I feel like I can fall at any moment.

    35. Pag nadulas ako sisisihin talaga kita Totoy!

    36. At least my flashlight is super-bright so I can avoid the mud. But it's hard to hold on to it while trying to balance.

    37. Malayo pa ba?

    38. What do you mean 15% pa lang yun? We've been walking forever!

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    37. Why did I bring a heavy bag? It's such a nuisance. Maybe I can leave it here?

    38. Or maybe I can just drink all of my water now so my bag gets lighter...

    39. A five-minute break? Thank heavens!

    40. Ang bilis naman ng five minutes!

    41. Here we go again. Left foot, right foot, left foot, right foot...

    42. Does this get any easier?

    43. Ang hirap huminga.

    44. Auq na auq na auq na auq na auq na.


    45. Pabuhat na lang kaya ako kay Totoy? Magkano kaya?

    46. Now the walk is slowing down because there are people in front of us taking pictures. But why? We aren't even near the peak yet?

    47. Pati ba naman sa bundok nagtatrapik? Wala naman tayo sa EDSA.

    48. Hoy tama na 'yang kaka-selfie!

    49. Anong sandali lang? And you have the gall to apply lip tint? We're in the mountains, not at a photoshoot!

    49. Maybe I should push you off the edge.


    50. Buti naman at nakonsesiya ka rin. Let's move!

    51. I still want to push you though.

    52. Wow I can see the peak now! It's so near!

    53. Just a few more steps. Keep walking. Keep walking.

    54. 90% done! I think I can go back now.

    55. Haha, kidding. We're already near the summit.

    56. And we're here on top of the summit! I can't believe I did it!

    57. I'm on top of the world!

    Mark Angelo Ching

    57. I am so dirty but it's all worth it.

    58. What do you mean going down will also take two hours?

    59. I don't think I have any more energy to go down.

    60. I wish I can stay here on top of the mountain but I can't. That's sad.

    61. Why is going down harder than climbing up? Is that even possible?

    62. I can do this if I pray.


    63. Bakit si Totoy pa talon-talon lang? Bakit ako parang mamatay na?

    64. Malayo pa ba?

    65. My legs feel like jello. Can I just roll down?

    66. Maybe I should start crawling? Wouldn't that be easier?

    67. Yep, crawling works. I'll just crawl all the way down.

    68. This is soooo hard. I don't think I'll ever do this again.

    69. Never again, I tell you. Never again.


    70. Wait, is that the starting point? We're already here?

    71. I made it down! I'm so proud of myself!

    72. That was fun! Best day ever!

    73. Isa pa please!

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    74. I should plan my next climb. Kelan ang next holiday?

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