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    Posted on Oct 26, 2017

    21 Things You Do When You See A Random Pogi In The MRT

    "Bes, nand2 sa MRT ung destiny q. Wat do I do?"

    1. Nangingisay ka sa kilig.

    Star Cinema

    2. You can't believe your luck.

    Star Cinema

    3. So you thank the heavens and all the saints.

    Twitter: @jovanessaaa / Via Twitter: @jovanessaaa


    4. Titigan mo muna nang matagal.


    5. But 'wag kang papahuli or else...

    Viva Films

    6. Baka mamatay ka sa hiya.

    Twitter: @ejybellies / Via Twitter: @ejybellies

    7. You text your friends quickly to inform them of your good fortune.

    YouTube: globeph / Via

    "Bes, nand2 sa MRT ung destiny q. Wat do I do?"

    8. And they don't believe you so you try to take a pic of the hunk to send to them as proof.

    Twitter: @ColdheartDen28 / Via Twitter: @ColdheartDen28

    9. You sneak in a few glances at his belongings to see if you can find any information about him.

    Star Cinema

    Try to get his name but 'wag kang magpapahalata.

    10. You make a mental note of any personal info that you get.

    Star Cinema

    Google mo agad pag-uwi mo.

    11. Subukan mong magpapansin.

    Star Cinema

    12. 'Pag manhid, up the ante.

    Viva Films

    13. Prepare to faint when you get noticed.

    YouTube: jbmasic / Via

    Wish mo na graceful pa rin yung pagbagsak.

    14. Try to get as close as you can...

    Twitter: @amojinph / Via Twitter: @amojinph

    ...until you get a whiff of his scent.

    15. Dapat yung close na close kasi siksikan naman.

    Twitter: @yelhsaquirante / Via Twitter: @yelhsaquirante

    16. At dahil close na kayo, you imagine your life together.

    YouTube: Mayad Studios / Via

    Ikakasal kayo and you'll have as many kids as possible.

    17. You wish na sana sabay kayong bumaba.

    Experimental Cinema of the Philippines

    Taimtim kang manalangin.

    18. Or you intentionally miss your stop kasi 'di pa bumababa si pogi.

    Twitter: @JaphMarcos / Via Twitter: @JaphMarcos

    19. Pero kahit sabay kayong bumaba, it doesn't mean na you were made for each other.

    Twitter: bibijinorbe / Via Twitter: @bibijinorbe


    20. So you spend a sleepless night thinking about the one that got away.

    Star Cinema

    21. Pero kahit hopeless ka lagi, you're still thankful because the handsome ones let you forget how crappy the MRT is.

    Twitter: SickNantino / Via Twitter: @SickNantino

    Thank you boys!

    Star Cinema

    Let's celebrate.

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