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    Six of the most Bizarre Wikipedia Articles

    We all know that Wikipedia is one of the greatest resources on the web. The depth of detail is something that has to be admired, most of the time anyway. I work as a Wikipedia writer and I sometimes come across an article that leaves me perplexed by its complexity. Not only has someone taken the time to create an article about a rather bizarre subject, but the content will have often taken hours if not days to compose and research. Below are six examples of Wikipedia's most bizarre articles.

    1. Toilet Paper Orientation / Via

    I am not the first Wikipedia user to be confused by the toilet paper orientation article. It is mind-blowing that such an article exists in this level of detail, which also contains a number of bizarre sections. The debate on whether the paper should be folded over or under when placed on a holder seems to have reached a new level of profundity in the article. The surprising thing is that the over or under debate only takes up a small part of this particular article. The thoughts and research from a Professor of Psychology are even included in this overly complex article.

    2. The Sweater Curse / Via

    The superstitious amongst us will easily be able to give you a quick list of things in life than can give you bad luck. Both stepping on a grate or walking under a ladder are fairly common situations the superstitious avoid, but the sweater curse is definitely one of the less frequently discussed. The superstitious may never look at knitwear the same way again. For those who are worried about the sweater curse, they will be relieved to know that the Wikipedia article has an entire section on how to avoid it.

    3. Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo / Via

    By using the word buffalo eight times in a row, it is possible to form a sentence. The bizarre thing is, that particular sentence is notable enough for a Wikipedia article. By using restrictive clause, sentences can be produced that often look bizarre at first glance. Using the word buffalo as a noun, verb, and adjective, it can form a restrictive clause sentence. Wikipedia doesn't think that one example of a restrictive clause sentence is enough, the James while John sentence comes in a close second for this bizarre subject.

    4. List of Notable Sandwiches / Via

    In many countries throughout the world, sandwiches are consumed on a regular basis. Sandwich ingredients can vary and have different variations across very small geographical areas. That's why Wikipedia's list of notable sandwiches is such a bizarre Wikipedia article. Frankly, the article could send sandwich lovers and Subway fanatics into meltdown. Due to how subjective food can be and the fact that combinations of sandwich ingredients are so varied, I'm sure many readers would challenge a number of the entries on this list.

    5. Bonnacon / Via

    Very few people would be able to connect the country of Macedonia with the video game Final Fantasy XI. It turns out that you can after reading about the mythical creature, the bonnacon. Mythical animals are fairly common on Wikipedia, but not many that are as bizarre as this. The ox look-a-like is a myth in its native Macedonia, which somehow got picked up by video game makers and was made into a virtual enemy on the video game series, Final Fantasy. Not bizarre enough yet? The bonnacon also has a rather unique defense, it can spray acidic dung at predators.

    6. Barbie's Careers / Via

    Not many people are privileged enough to have a Wikipedia article written about their lives. Even fewer people have a dedicated article focusing on their career achievements. It will come as a huge surprise to many that the well-known toy Barbie has multiple Wikipedia pages, but also that her career has warranted a dedicated page. Many world-leading musicians, politicians, and sports players, have to make do with cramming their life achievements into one article, unlike Barbie who seemingly deserves in-depth Wikipedia coverage.