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    • mariuss3

      Ok, here’s the deal: power to the people. Get organized homeless families and go take ALL the malls on the same day. Then negotiate with the owners and buy them. With money from the governement, or some crazy positive millionaires/billionaires or Warren Buffet… Rebuild it yourself and put solar panels and food on the roofs. No money needed. Get some acres in the neighbourhood and grow a product to sell and support the mall people for own income. No food bill. No electricity bill. No rent bill. No nothing bills. Only a good deal to buy the mall and rebuild it in something the owners like too. They can be a part of it if they want, but not at the cost of the people reviving these concrete structures. Start paying low money and build it up to more if you earn more by exploring the New Dream Mall.They are worth nothing now so buy cheap at low prices. The current owners can participate with a fair 15% share. Reviving the malls is also in the interest of the current owners. Build a new Utopia!! Call it: The New Dream. I’m living in an empty church for 20 years in the old center of Amsterdam almost for free. Building costs were subtracted from the rent. The church owners have now an appartment worth a million dollars. I’m still happy here. So a similar way is very well possible!! Be creative. it is an alternative way to survive.

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