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    19 Cartoons Anyone Who Works In An Office Will Get

    Oh god, am I turning into my dad?

    Every Vowel is a webcomic by Jon Youshaei that highlights the plight of the modern day office worker.

    1. Like the uphill climb you went through to try and get a job out of college.

    2. The helplessness you feel when you are at the will of upper management.

    3. How a surprising amount of your job involves flying by the seat of your pants.

    4. And how quickly you become chained to your desk.

    5. Even during lunch hours.

    6. The way working on a team can cause things to get a little overcomplicated.

    7. And how the task of being creative under pressure is grueling.

    8. The panic that comes with taking initiative as a subordinate.

    9. And struggling to maintain confidence as a low-level employee.

    10. The stress of trying to keep yourself in perspective.

    11. Struggling to answer the tough questions people have been asking you your whole life.

    12. The nights when work seems to pile up faster than you can complete it.

    13. The kinds of coworkers that really help your career get on track.

    14. And the kinds of coworkers who just embellish their expertise.

    15. How hard it can be to get work done in the age of the internet.

    16. How fast business trips can get old.

    17. That many of the confident people you work with are merely projecting the illusion of confidence.

    18. How impossible it can be to disconnect with your job.

    19. And how, the longer you work, the more you might see yourself turn into your parents.

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