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Stormi Webster Got A Playhouse For Christmas That's Legit Bigger Than Some Apartments

They grow up so fast.

Stormi Webster might not even be 2 yet — her birthday is coming up, Feb. 1 — but she's already got a house of her own! This year for Christmas, while showing off her seasonal decorations, Kylie Jenner shared Stormi's early Christmas gift: a mini mansion.

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"Earlier today my mom surprised Stormi with the best Christmas gift of all time and I filmed it," Kylie says in her latest vlog.

"We got a big surprise for you!," Kylie tells Stormi, to which she replies, "Birkin!" As in the Hermès bag that costs upwards of $9,500, and some are literally hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Not even 2 and she really said “...Birkin?” when she heard surprise. Stormi girl I wish I could relate

Instead of getting a purse that costs as much as a house, though, Stormi got an actual house.

stormi: *2 years old* kylie: we got a big surprise for you stormi: a bbbb BURKIN SHE KNOWS WHAT A BURKIN IS IM ACTUALLY DEAD

Complete with a fireplace, a kitchen with an open floor plan, and air-conditioning.

"I used to have a house like this when I was Stormi's age," Kylie says in the clip. "This makes me want to cry! This is the cutest thing of all-time."

It didn't take long after Kylie shared a look at Stormi's playhouse for people to start sharing their own takes.

Fuck a playhouse. Stormi got a whole ass mansion for Christmas 😩

Just look at the architectural details.

Y’all Stormi got her own crib at one year old. What are you doing?!

There's even a loft.

Stormi out here getting her own house for Xmas.. how fuckin cute

It's honestly nicer than a lot of homes for adult humans.

why the fuck is Stormi's playhouse bigger than my family house

Me getting dressed to go to work so I can afford rent when there’s 2 year old Stormi that has a air conditioned two story play house with a balcony

Me seeing stormi’s mini house is bigger than my bedroom #KylieJenner

Wth @ stormi getting a house for christmas while i’m here like

It doesn't even compare to the "playhouses" we had while growing up.

Stormi’s playhouse vs the playhouse I had

It's big enough to fit all of her cousins in it.

Stormi after giving True, Chicago and North a house tour of her house

And all of Paris Hilton's dogs.

stormi’s playhouse vs paris hilton dog house. same energy.

Stormi is already at home in it. Just look at her proclaim, "This is my house!"

stormi is so rich she can afford to live out the house already

Kids, they grow up so fast.

I can’t get over how Stormi just shut the door twice on Kylie while chillin on the balcony of the biggest “dollhouse” I have ever seen